The Vote for the Girls Pledge against Male Contestants/White Guys With Guitars

We all feel it. The pain of aspiring female talent getting eliminated on shows like American Idol, The Voice, Rising Star, and The X Factor. Males and WGWG’s (white guys with guitars) winning those shows and female contestants being runner-up (or worse). Since Vote for the Girls launched on April 28, 2010, we’ve taken a stand against WGWG and male singers, even getting VFTG Victories of Melanie Amaro, Cassadee Pope, Candice Glover, Danielle Bradbery, Tessanne Chin, and Alex & Sierra as well as the make-up VFTG Victories of Lauren Froderman, Melanie Moore, Eliana Girard, and Amy Yakima. It’s time to take our girl power to the next level (it may sound sexist, yet it is necessary). Support Vote for the Girls and all VFTG Picks on every single program Vote for the Girls is following and stand up to the WGWGs by voting out the male contestants (or contestants that VFTG is not supporting) and send the guys packing. Take the Pledge against WGWGs!


  1. Take a Stand. Make the call and/or vote online. If I see a Vote For The Girls Pick, I will vote for her (or if the VFTG Pick if its a male-female duo or a predominately female group).
    1. On American Idol, I will vote 50 times per female contestant via calling the telephone number, via SMS, voting online at, via Google Search, or the American Idol app.
    2. On The Voice, I will vote 10 times per female, female-female duo, and male-female duo contestant by calling the telephone number, voting online via, via SMS (Sprint only) and downloading her studio performance on iTunes.
    3. On Rising Star, I will check in on all performances during the show and vote YES (or blue) for the female contestant, male-female duo, predominately female groups, and girl groups and vote NO (or red) for the male contestant, predominately male groups, and boy bands.
    4. On So You Think You Can Dance, I will vote for the female contestants by voting online at and/or by downloading the Fox Now App.
    5. On America’s Got Talent, I will vote 10 times per female, female-female duo, predominately female groups, and male-female duo contestant by calling the telephone number, voting online via
  2. I will visit, like VFTG on Facebook, follow VFTG (and the moderators) on Twitter, and subscribe to VFTG on YouTube.
  3. If I don’t like a particular VFTG Pick, I will vote for that person anyway, regardless.
  4. If I like a particular contestant that’s not a VFTG Pick, too bad (we will find you and make you change your mind, Ava will blow smoke in your face and show you violence in front of an
    audience) and only hope that one of your friends can help.

It’s clear that Vote for the Worst ruined American Idol is too great to be ravaged by WGWGs winning shows like American Idol and The Voice. All of us must do our part, so join Ava Zinn, Holly Everman, Kathi Jameson, Kellie Rock, Lanise White, Khayla Chow, Julia Passalt, Karly Ryder, Jr., Tracia Ward, and Kymberly Christian, and let’s get busy making Vote for the Girls the a better place (and making sure the ladies win these shows).



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