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As part of the changes made this year on Vote for the Girls, YOU now have a chance to choose your Vote for the Girls pick by tweeting and/or voting on the site!

Vote for the Girls creator and founder Ava Zinn has some good news to our fans and put the social media to some good use! This year on Vote for the Girls, the powers that the moderators have (Ava, Holly, Kendra, Rhonda, Kellie, Julia, Lanise, Julia, Karly, and Kym) are shaking things up even more — by putting as much of the moderators’ control into your hands.

How it works: Just a week or two before the live shows begin on The Voice, American Idol, Rising Star, or even other competitions, the female soloists, male-female duos, and/or predominately girl groups that make the live shows are revealed. Ava Zinn will announce the voting window is open, and we’ll start counting how many people are posting on social media to support each Vote for the Girls pick as well as right here on the web site. For your choice to be counted on social media, your post must contain the hashtag #VFTGUSAPick and the eligible keyword of the Vote for the Girls pick you wish to support. You can make as many posts as you like, but only one vote per Vote for the Girls per social media account per day will be counted. The voting window will only be open until 12Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific on the day of the performance show, so be logged in and ready to tweet or post at the start of the competition.

Just be sure to follow @voteforthegirls on Twitter, Facebook.com/voteforthegirls to learn when the voting window is officially open. Another way you can make your vote count at least here on VFTGUSA is to vote right here on the site. Also remember to vote for these picks on the evening of the performance shows.

See the official rules for more details.