Oh yes, we can believe it, Thia Tola is definitely not far away from her Vote for the Girls home, that is! The dapper woman and fearless former chief moderator of the Thai version of Vote for the Girls has a new home in Australia, and she is doing what she loves to do best… spinning around in her big red chair!

The Vote for the Girls favourite isn’t just any ordinary woman originally from Thailand.


So, where is the only place you should go for advice on your singing career? That’s right: the House of Thailand’s Thia Tola. But, as she’s no longer in Thailand, she’d rather join us here at Vote for the Girls Australia to give her wisdom and guidance to the female talent of tomorrow.

And, boy, does she know her stuff! From her perfect hosting and judging techniques (remember to rehearse up first!) to her electrifying stage presence, to her gigantic list of who she’s worked with (practically every living creature on the planet), our Thia Tola can only be described as…. Legendary.

We raise our Thai cakes to you Thia and stay tuned  to show your love for #TeamThia!