AVA ZINN ON YOU TUBE: The most shocking video ever posted (Ava is pissed off more than ever and loses it). Vote for the Girls Loss: Duets (season 1)

Note that this is sort of a personal announcement from yours truly, Ava Zinn…. and a notable Vote for the Girls Loss In the past, I’ve sometimes been known be called a lot of things in my life. Being a nice lady hasn’t always one of them in recent years. The firey patience and scatching […]

Aeverine Zinn to Launch “Vote for the Girls”

MARION, IN (aeverinezinn) – Aeverine Zinn announced Thursday that a new web site will be launched called “Vote For the Girls.” Vote For The Girls (VFTG) will be a website that is devoted to voting for the best and worst female  contestants on the Fox Network television series American Idol as well as the NBC […]

Vote for the Girls Loss: American Idol Season 11

Sources: ZabaSearch and DialIdol.com It has happened again! Over 132 million votes were cast Tuesday night in a vote that according to DialIdol was too close to call. DialIdol predicted that Phillip Phillips won while ZabaSearch predicted Jessica Sanchez would finally become the first woman to win American Idol in five years. The young, female […]

Ava Zinn: Why I launched Vote for the Girls (AvaZinn.com Crossover)

CREATED: March 5, 2012 10:23 AM UPDATED: March 5, 2012 3:07 PM   Here we go again. A new season of American Idol live shows have started and the Top 13 have been revealed.   If you recall last year, the first five contestants that got voted off were all girls but after Pia Toscano’s […]

Vote for the Girls Victory: Melanie Amaro Wins The X Factor

We did it, for the girls! Millions votes were cast last night, and in the end, we helped the first girl win The X Factor! It seemed like a challenge at the beginning of the season, but we succeeded and helped make sure Josh and Chris finished in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Apparently the […]

Vote for the Girls Loss: American Idol Season 10

It has happened again.   The American Idol season from Hell as the voters spoke that that they have declared Scotty McCrerry (or should I call him “Scrappy McCrabby”) stole the Idol crown from Lauren Alaina.   The season saw the first five contestants eliminated were women that saw Ashton, Karen, Namia, Thia, and Pia. […]

Vote for the Girls Loss: American Idol Season 9

The photo says it all. AVA NIEVES IS HEARTBROKEN FOR CRYSTAL BOWERSOX 🙁   Incorrect American Idol Winner Suggests Flaws in Idol Voting Methodology — National study reveals that American Idol winner did not reflect viewer’s choice– Flemington, NJ, May 27, 2010 – A national study conducted among 3,901 American Idol viewers revealed that the […]

The decision to post the voting status on Facebook

The decision to post the “Vote for Crystal Bowersox status” on Facebook was not an easy decision; I wrangled for five days over whether to post the vote message and then deleted the post at 4:00 AM Eastern. Once I got alerted about the Siobhan Magnus petition and heard about the movement, it was clearly […]

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