Zinn’s Villain Phil Allen The Voice 12 Picks

Phil Allen’s Picks…   Adam Gwen Alicia Blake 1 Mark Isaiah (flexed out to Maribel Mort) Troy Ramey (flexed out to Sophia & Maci) Felicia Temple (flexed from Peta & Nadia) 2 Johnny Gates (flexed out to Sophia & Maci) 3 FLEX 1 Battles Adam Gwen Alicia Blake 1 Felicia Temple (stolen from Alicia) 2 […]

Zinn’s Villain Kye Sanchez The Voice 12 Picks

Kye Sanchez’s picks… Adam Gwen Alicia Blake 1 Julien Martinez Johnny Gates (flexed out to Sophia & Maci) Jack Cassidy 2 Kawan Debose (cross-flexed from Archibald Coolranch) 3 FLEX 1 Battles Adam Gwen Alicia Blake 1 Julien Martinez (ELIMINATED) Jack Cassidy (flexed out to Hannah & Kendra) 2 Kawan Debose (ELIMINATED) 3 FLEX 1  

Holly Everman dead at 37

Vote for the Girls Co-Host and moderator Holly Everman died tonight during a live taping of the finales of “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” while at work on Vote for the Girls in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was 37. On April 26, Everman announced she had been going through a “broken heart”. She […]

Surprise, Mothaf^¢ka and C***suckas! Lauren Duski and Normani in finales!!

Things have gotten really crazy on Vote for the Girls the last several weeks. They have been filled with surprises, a death, Ava going through a lot of issues yet still manages to host Vote for the Girls…

After a DWTS clean sweep, Ava Zinn announces she’s a 3 time rape victim….

  In Part 2 meanwhile, Ava Zinn said on April 22, 2015 she was sexually assaulted, but it wasn’t her first rape FORT WAYNE, IN (VFTG) — Vote for the Girls Founder, Webmaster, Host and Execuitive Producer Ava Zinn has survived three sexual assaults, the webmaster announced on her YouTube channel Thursday.   A NoSirGifts […]

Ava Zinn launches “Vape Back! with Ava Zinn”

Because of the response Ava Zinn has gotten since the Season 8 Spring Premiere that gave Ava a standing ovation after she effectively smoked her last cigarette, Ava has launched a brand-new YouTube channel called “Vape Back! with Ava Zinn ” Yours truly (Ava Zinn) today announced the launch of an Indiana based YouTube channel […]

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