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VFTG Victory: CASSADEE POPE wins The Voice

VFTG, WE WON…CASSADEE WINS!!! Vote for the Girls’ second victory and The Voice’s very first female winner has been crowned. Congratulations Cassadee Pope! Meanwhile, the “dumbo bimboes” failed as Tacky McDacky (Terry McDermott) is the runner-up! This wasn’t so surprising considering the show was setting it up all season after

VOTE FOR THE GIRLS on YouTube: The Voice Top 12 Results

To fill the void between posts, watch the founder’s impression of the very first episode she ever watched… Ava Zinn, founder and webmaster of Vote for the Girls, tweeted: Wow! #TheVoice kinda so-so. — Ava Zinn (@aeverinezinn) November 14, 2012 There’s an uncensored version available on the Ava Zinn’s Uncensored

AVA ZINN ON YOU TUBE: The most shocking video ever posted (Ava is pissed off more than ever and loses it). Vote for the Girls Loss: Duets (season 1)

Note that this is sort of a personal announcement from yours truly, Ava Zinn…. and a notable Vote for the Girls Loss In the past, I’ve sometimes been known be called a lot of things in my life. Being a nice lady hasn’t always one of them in recent years.

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