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By posting on this website, you agree that you have read these rules and will abide by them. If you have any questions or need help with your account, registering, or anything, feel free to PM a moderator or administrator (see below) or e-mail voteforthegirls@gmail.com.

We’re a fun, simple site where you say just about anything that’s on your mind. Just follow these simple rules and you’ll have zero problems. Break the rules? You’ll probably be banned from posting on Vote for the Girls (VFTG) and Ava Zinn, the founder and webmaster, will literally grab you by the scuffle-neck and throw you out into the street as well as mandatory sanctions under the 2-5-10-BANNED). You may use foul language here, just know they will be replaced by (bleep) since this is a PG-13. You can make fun of whoever you want, just not the people who run the Vote for the Girls, bring it on! Just don’t do the following things, which we call the 10 Commandments of VFTG:


You can post a link to your website in the appropriate forum only if it’s about American Idol, The X Factor, The Voice, etc. Don’t post non-show spam in any forum or else. Also, if you continually post a link to your website and/or keep posting new topics about it, you’re history. You can link to websites, just make sure it’s relevant and not entirely self-promotional. Clear?


Basically, your posts need to have substance. Don’t post 10 times in a row for no reason just to be a monkey. Ava, Alexx, or Karly will kick you out. If we notice that you’re posting nothing substantial, yet you keep posting over and over, don’t expect to be here long. In case you don’t get the hint, people who hate VFTG, that includes you and those that like another web site (Vote for the Worst). Feel free to start ONE new topic on why you hate VFTG or post in existing ones. We welcome you here to share your opinion, but respect the rules. Starting lots of message board topics or jumping in on every page to post the same thing over and over will get you banned. If you bump an old message board thread for no good reason, you’re going to make Ava Zinn very mad. If a section of the site starts growing by 10 pages a day with nothing substantial, the lovely Ava Zinn going to put an end to it quick.

3. Don’t start useless threads on the message board.

In any message board forum except General Chat, we keep the discussions at hand in organized threads. We’ll lock your thread if there is already a lengthy discussion about any given topic in another thread. If you’re new, reply to some threads before thinking about starting a new one. So if you start a thread called “OMG! I DON’T LIKE CECE FREY,” when a thread for CeCe Frey already exists, you might get yelled at. Keep discussions in pre-existing topics if possible. If you need help, this video should do the trick. General Chat, on the other hand, is a free for all. But Ava will still lock up your thread and throw you out if it does not meet Ava Zinn’s high standards. Deal with it or F*** OFF!

4. No overly racist, homophobic, misandrist, or prejudiced comments that would be in really bad taste for Ava Zinn.

You can make fun of someone, but don’t act like a jackass. Using hate speech against any group that is in bad taste for the lovely Ava Zinn (such as the word “dyke”, “jumbo bimbo”, generally any slur against a minority group, etc) is not cool and will not be tolerated. If you have to resort to those tactics, you’re probably are a dumb arse as a donkey. While we’re on the topic, don’t talk about raping someone either. It’s completely uncalled for. For example, you can call Ava a “stupid tranny,” you can make fun of the choices of the significant others of the VFTG Moderators, but don’t call them “boob-lickers”. It’s just a respect issue to our members. Is that clear? If you need to use those terms, chances are you most likely do not understand this site and not for you.


That means no penises, no vaginas, no bare breasts. Don’t do it. You can link to it with a warning if it’s appropriate for the thread you’re posting in (for example, if Chaz Bono poses naked in Playgirl Magazine, you can link to the pictures in the appropriate thread about them with a NOT SAFE FOR WORK warning), but don’t post the actual pictures in a thread.

7. No fantarding.

No one here wants to know if you find Jessica Sanchez a hottie. No one cares if you’re going to buy 300 of an Idol’s new CD. VFTG is a board where we make fun of Idol in a good way and its female contestants, not where we squeal over what they look like naked. If you want to do that, go here or here. Posting one SHORT comment about how you like someone is not fantarding. That’s fine, you are more than welcome to like someone. But if you start crossing the line and obsessing over a given contestant or yelling at people who dislike the contestant that you enjoy, you’re history. Yes, Ava may ban you for saying you find someone attractive. Don’t like it? Piss off.

8. Don’t bring BS from other boards or real life here to cause drama.

AVA ZINN just does not care. If you hate someone on other board or in real life and you attack them on here, you’re history. Seriously, use the other board or a simple telephone call to tell someone you hate them. The VFTG board is not the place for you to spill over your feelings. Don’t stalk people onto this board either. And don’t post BS or bunk from the real life of other posters, such as their pictures or anything else attributed them you learned outside this site without their consent. Absolutely not cool or worth it. If someone isn’t a member or they’re banned, then it’s fine to post stuff about them if it’s relevant to the topic, but don’t overdo it. The VFTG Board Moderators/Administrators also don’t care what the rules of any other site (two notable examples are Encyclopedia Dramatica and Vote for the Worst) are. Does that particular let you get away with something we don’t? What they are posting is absolute BS. Go post there instead while you are still a member of their forums.

9. Do not post copyrighted material.

VFTG and Aeverine Zinn Holdings (the owner of Vote for the Girls and AvaZinn.com) complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. So you are not allowed to violate copyright such as posting the American Idol logo or copying and pasting news articles. Fair use dictates that you can post a link to the material and post at most a paragraph or so to get the point across. Anything more than that is considered a copyright violation (and a $250,000 fine). Parody is allowed as it is covered by copyright law, so photochops are fine. If you don’t listen to this, you’ll be a goner quickly.

If you believe that a user has posted your copyrighted material on VFTG, let Ava Zinn know at aeverinezinn@icloud.com.

10. Avatar maximum size is 1024×1024.

Don’t go any bigger. You are not special enough to have a bigger avatar for any reason.

11. Vote for the Girls means Vote for the Girls.

You know Ava is pretty much free to ignore the rules and she’s only one individual that can override the VFTG format (ala Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen). There has been two occasions (three counting the UK Version) where Vote for the Girls Picks were males (or declared a male) as follows:

  1. Alex & Sierra (TXFUSA3) Ava declared A & S her “Best of Worst” pick, as was Holly’s primary pick to win and eventually won that season’s X Factor USA. Following the elimination of Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige Thompson on The X Factor USA 3, Sierra Deaton was lone female remaining and even though all the females in that season’s category (Girls or Over’s) were eliminated, of which would normally end in a Vote for the Girls Loss early.  Since Sierra Deaton got the VFTG Victory, Angie Miller (of AI12) became the very first VFTG pick among non-finale participants to be included in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame. (See the Alex & Sierra rule for more details.)
  2. MK Nobilette (AI13) – As with Alex & Sierra, MK was declared a “transmale pick” available for Ava, Michelle, and Kathi. The reason MK was declared the F2M (a transgender term) pick after Ava saw her audition on American Idol and decided based on her voice (which sounded much masculine than feminine.)
  3. James Byron (TVUK3) – Like American Idol 13’s MK Nobilette, James Byron was declared a “transfemale pick” (or as Dave Della Terza declared as a Vote for the Worst pick after Boy Shakira) available for Ariel and Khayla Chow in the UK version (as would US counterparts Holly, Ariel, and Kellie had he auditioned in the US). The reason James Byron was delcared a M2F pick (another transgender term) and like female counterpart MK Nobilette in the States, was also declared based on his voice (which sounded more of a transgender female like Ava’s).

If you were wondering which is declared a male VFTG Pick which is defined as a band that is half males and females (Alex & Sierra on TXFUS3 and Dawn & Hawkes on TVUS6 are examples – let’s put it another way InTENsity had five females and five males which would have been declared a male VFTG pick on TXFUSA1, but this didn’t even exist until VFTGUSA’s fifth season) Lyric145 of TXFUSA2 and Brick City of TXFUK10 were not male VFTG picks because they are predominately male. Another male VFTG pick would be declared if there were two females and a male in a group/band, and that has not happened until the implementation of Flex Picks in 2015.

Other examples of male VFTG picks include transmen Chaz Bono & Stephen Beatty and transgender females Candis Cayne & Alexis Arquette on Dancing with the Stars (which VFTGUSA did not cover until 2014.)

Check out the FAQ page for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the moderators by private message.

Please PM a moderator before you PM an admin, because the admins may have their hands full at the time. Our admin is obviously Ava Zinn. They will be more than happy to assist you.

If you don’t like our rules, tough luck. Find another site. But if you can listen to what we have to say here, we guarantee you’ll enjoy your time on the site.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: By sending email to Vote for the Girls or posting on the site, you grant the owner, host, administrators and moderators of voteforthegirls.us the world-wide, royalty free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute and publish any content (including your name, likeness and email address) you sent or posted, for the purposes of displaying such information on VFTG’s site and/or the promotion and marketing of VFTG services. In other words…if you email us or post something stupid, there’s a good chance we’ll want to make fun of you or have some fantastic gain from you. When you click send, new post, or add reply, you agree to it.

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