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Karly Jameson (formerly Karly Ryder, Jr.) is “old school.” Her career dates back to the Dark Ages of Media when there were no computers or cell phones or Twitter, which is why she said this biography will take more than 154 characters.

Karly began her career in underground FM radio in the late 1990s in Indianapolis, where she was a program director, and announcer. However, Karly turned her back on the radio business, but not celebrity as she decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother so she could report stories of hope from Indianapolis.
The daughter of legendary and famed singer, actress, talk show host and news anchor-woman Karly Ryder, Sr.

Karly has an older sister, Shanna, a brother, Ken, and two younger sisters, Allison and Arianna.

Karly lives in Fishers, Indiana with her wife, Kathi Jameson, and her daughter from a previous relationship, who is taller, smarter and better looking, so Karly considers her personal life a moderate success. Her daughter, Christina, enjoys making online videos, often making fun of her mother and grandmother.

Karly thanks you for voting for the ladies on Vote for the Girls USA because your continued viewership and support keeps her continuing the I-69ers tradition with fellow moderators Holly Everman of Muncie, Ava Zinn of Van Buren, and Tracia Matthewson of Fort Wayne.

Remembering Holly Everman as a fellow I-69er

Holly Everman was a woman who redefined what a co-host, close friend of Ava Zinn and Robyn Hurd (1961-2012), and a very close friendship could be, both on Vote for the Girls and behind it. She was known in her hometown of Muncie, Indiana who loved cheering for her alma matter Ball State University, flashy […]

Surprise, Mothaf^¢ka and C***suckas! Lauren Duski and Normani in finales!!

Things have gotten really crazy on Vote for the Girls the last several weeks. They have been filled with surprises, a death, Ava going through a lot of issues yet still manages to host Vote for the Girls…

After a DWTS clean sweep, Ava Zinn announces she’s a 3 time rape victim….

  In Part 2 meanwhile, Ava Zinn said on April 22, 2015 she was sexually assaulted, but it wasn’t her first rape FORT WAYNE, IN (VFTG) — Vote for the Girls Founder, Webmaster, Host and Execuitive Producer Ava Zinn has survived three sexual assaults, the webmaster announced on her YouTube channel Thursday.   A NoSirGifts […]

DWTS 24 Live Shows Start March 20 2017 – What you need to know

Dancing with the Stars 24 begins on your local ABC station March 20 to perform for your votes as the celebs dance their first performance. Earlier this month we saw the launch show as this year’s celebrity contestants were partnered up with their pro dancers. They’ve now got less than a week left to train […]

Revealed! Kathi & Karly Jameson’s Vote for the Worst Picks for The Voice 11

Kathi & Karly may have imported Laura Bretan after her America’s Got Talent audition aired five days before winning Romanii au Talent AUDITIONS Adam Miley Alicia Blake 1 2 3 4 5 FLEX 1 Riley Elmore (flexed from Glenn Swaringen) Jason Warrior (flexed from Luka Runecraft) FLEX 2 Andrew De Muro (flexed from Archibald Coolranch) […]

Karly Jameson: Curly Hair Prank on Holly & Tracia

As women, we always worry about our hair, our weight, and our overall appearance every time we head into our car and drive to the studio. There is always that one little instinct that if all working mothers stray away from an unspoken guideline of perfection and professionalism, it will damage if not ruin one’s career. Not to […]

#VFTGTwist with So You Think You Can Dance…

#VFTGTwist Last Wednesday, VFTGers were asked to make what possibly become the biggest Vote for the Girls Victory, ladies and gentlemen. From what we’ve seen on Twitter and on Facebook about who they think will win So You Think You Can Dance 11 — of which we hope it will be Valerie Rockey tonight, and […]

Wendy and Anna Eliminated. BAD CALL, AMERICA. VALERIE is SAFE!!!

To fill the void between posts, here is the latest Vote for the Girls episode. Our Girl Valerie is in the Top 6 and already some people are even voting for her to win it all. Acro Army needed the Judge’s Choice to advance in the competition on AGT. Blue Journey was the only VFTG […]

Mannepat gets West Coast Save, Shameia and April Eliminated…

Ah, shucks our WCWG pick April Lockhart got sent packing along with Shameia Crawford. For the second week in a row, a fan favorite was eliminated, and Mannepat Molloy needed a West Coast Save on Rising Star. We can’t let Audrey Kate Geiger, Maneepat Molloy, and Dana Williams down next Sunday and lose to the […]


Valerie Rockey is SAVED FROM ELIMINATION!!! We did it, VFTGers! Votes were cast last night, and in the end, we helped Valerie Rockey move on to the Top 8 of SYTYCD 11. It seems obvious that she is now the only girl to never land in the bottom four or bottom six, but as with […]

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