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Vote for the Girls founder and webmaster Ava Zinn knew at an early age that she wanted to be in the news business and entertainment industry.

Ava’s a Van Buren, Indiana, native and graduated from Mississinewa High School in Gas City, IN. She worked at two fantasy television stations in Marion/Fort Wayne as a reporter/anchor/producer at WFAZ-FTV (now WMRI-FTV) in Fort Wayne where she spent nine years.

Ava then went to WXXC-FDT “INNCD 47” where she and Rachel Dean, Sr. launched the first internet TV station. She spent 12 years at INNCD 47 before leaving the fantasy TV news industry in 2011.

Ava Zinn currently hosts Vote for the Girls USA and serves as the executive producer since its April 28, 2010 debut.

Ava resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is the father of a transgendered son: Kalvin, a student at the University of Florida; two daughters: Samantha, anchorwoman at WFTW-FTV; Ashli, a student at Ivy Tech in Marion, Indiana; and a transgendered daughter: Tiffani, a homemaker. Ava has one granddaughter, Alisan Brynn Zinn (named after Alisan Porter and Brynn Cartelli).

Remembering Holly Everman as a fellow I-69er

Holly Everman was a woman who redefined what a co-host, close friend of Ava Zinn and Robyn Hurd (1961-2012), and a very close friendship could be, both on Vote for the Girls and behind it. She was known in her hometown of Muncie, Indiana who loved cheering for her alma matter Ball State University, flashy […]

Holly Everman dead at 37

Vote for the Girls Co-Host and moderator Holly Everman died tonight during a live taping of the finales of “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” while at work on Vote for the Girls in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was 37. On April 26, Everman announced she had been going through a “broken heart”. She […]

Ava Zinn launches “Vape Back! with Ava Zinn”

Because of the response Ava Zinn has gotten since the Season 8 Spring Premiere that gave Ava a standing ovation after she effectively smoked her last cigarette, Ava has launched a brand-new YouTube channel called “Vape Back! with Ava Zinn ” Yours truly (Ava Zinn) today announced the launch of an Indiana based YouTube channel […]

DWTS24/Carlygate Round 2: Normani safe, Chris gets eliminated

Yay! Normani is saved by your votes from the first week of eliminations on the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars. Only ten stand in Normani’s way of nullifying the loss on The X Factor USA 2. BTW, Chris Kattan was the first to be eliminated. The episode marks a first for VFTG host […]

DWTS 24 Live Shows Start March 20 2017 – What you need to know

Dancing with the Stars 24 begins on your local ABC station March 20 to perform for your votes as the celebs dance their first performance. Earlier this month we saw the launch show as this year’s celebrity contestants were partnered up with their pro dancers. They’ve now got less than a week left to train […]

Archibald Coolranch to retire at the end of season

Vote for the Girls USA is about to go through a huge change in the fall 2018 pending the renewals of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice as Archibald Coolranch has decided to step down at the end of the ninth season in May 2017. This season of Vote for the Girls will be […]

Tavon Savage announces gender change, will go by Bria Savage

FORT WAYNE, Ind., LITTLE ROCK, Ark., and BALTIMORE, Mar. (December 22, 2016) – Zinn’s Villain panelist Tavon Savage announced Thursday a personal change and gives the Vote for the Girls USA its very first M2F and F2M duo moderator of Savage and Savage’s boyfriend, Devin Martin. Savage will transition from male and begin living as a female on July 1, […]

Ava & Kymberly’s Moderator Comeback and Hall of Fame Nominees

There is a reason why I launched Vote for the Girls is to not only get a Vote for the Girls victory and there is another reason why we have a site like VOTE FOR THE GIRLS. As if Vote for the Girls didn’t already have enough elements to keep up with when Moderators’ Save introduced […]

Wé McDonald SAVED BY THE MODERATORS!!! No Loss on The Voice 11.

It was an all-Sophia & Maci finale on The Voice 11. As Carson Daly announced the finalists in fourth and third place, the moderator panelists had already congratulated Sophia Williams and Maci Blanca now a two-time winning moderator and all of her remaining picks are officially in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame. […]

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