Frequently Asked Questions

To help clear up some of the misconceptions, VFTG has put together some answers to the most commonly asked questions that founder and webmaster Ava Zinn has received since the site started in 2010.

Vote for the Girls Web site

How can I find a specific Vote for the Girls pick or supported contestant mentioned on Vote for the Girls on VoteForTheGirls.US?
Is it true that Vote for the Girls is about sexism and biased?
You blame Dave Della Terza’s version of Vote for the Worst and/or Lawrence Hedrick of Vote Against the Producers then they blame Vote for the Girls. Who am I to believe?

VFTG Picks

What is the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame? And how can I view that?
What is the Moderators’ Veto?

Male Contestants

Vote for the Girls supported Alex & Sierra in 2013. Why?
But I really think a non-VFTG pick has my support over the VFTG pick(s)!

VFTG Make-Up Competitions

What is a make-up competition?

Other Questions

I’ve got a question about Vote for the Girls that should be on the list. How can I ask it?