Flexible Picks

VFTG Male Contestant Restriction

Flexible Picks

Allows female moderators to pick male contestants as Vote for the Girls Picks

In the spring 2015, VFTG implemented a “flexible pick” element to the female moderators on the Pink and Purple teams first used on the 20th season of “Dancing with the Stars”, a built-in make-up competition. In the fall of 2015 that was extended so that all regular competitions (American Idol, The Voice, and The X Factor) could be affected by flex picks. However, each solo female moderator is allowed only two male contestants per cycle and each duo moderator (Ava & Kymberly, Holly & Perri, Tracia & Hillary, and Kathi & Karly) are allowed three per cycle that may be flexed into her Vote for the Girls picks. Additional picks are determined based on the moderator’s progress and must be approved by Ava Zinn herself since she is the executive producer.

Flexible picks ensured quality finale matchups in those competitions and gave surprise picks a chance to progress their way onto the pink or purple team.

Only Vote for the Worst picks chosen by Zinn’s Villains (the transmales and males on the Red or Blue teams, respectively) are eligible to be moved to the Pink or Purple teams on the Vote for the Girls moderator panel, in which case the male moderator will lose his pick and the opposing pink or purple team must choose that particular male contestant as her Vote for the Worst pick. Flexible picks will not be applied to male-female duos (under the Alex & Sierra rule) or predominately female groups.

For example, a Zinn’s Villains (formerly the Ava Zinn version of Vote for the Worst) pick could move from the red or blue team moderator to a pink or purple team moderator, but the change must be made during the auditions phase. Vote for the Girls picks, as in the past, can still be moved within the respective pink and purple teams.

In the quarter-finals of The Voice and American Idol, in order to ensure a potential male and female Vote for the Girls victory with finale implications, the decision to may be made on six days notice.

Vote for the Girls Flexible Picks 101

  • Begins on Auditions on American Idol, The Voice, Rising Star, and The X Factor
  • In effect from Auditions until Top 12/13 Stage
  • Up to 2 male contestants may be flexed into a Vote for the Girls moderator’s team between Auditions and Top 24/30 Stage
  • Only male contestants are subject to being moved to a female on the pink or purple team moderator.
  • The male contestant that has been initially chosen by a male on the blueteam or a transman on the red team during flex weeks will be initially as a Vote for the Worst pick, and not be revealed until the end of the competition or until all male contestants are eliminated.
  • No impact on female contestants chosen as a female moderator’s VFTG pick by a transwoman on the purple team or a female on the pink team.
  • The Executive Producer, Ava Zinn, will decide (after consultation with all the moderators on the red, blue, pink, and purple teams) and announce as early as possible the male soloist or predominately male group being flexed. The announcement will come no later than 3 days prior to the performance night. The Executive Producer may also announce on VFTG’s Twitter and/or Facebook pages (@voteforthegirls) to fans of supported contestants mentioned on VFTG moving between the pink and purple teams.
  • VFTGers and fans of supported contestants must be aware that female contestants in flex weeks are subject to change 3 days in advance and should plan accordingly.
  • All moderators make their own selections on all competitions.