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Vote for the Girls ending in 2021 after 12 seasons

Message from Ava Zinn


After careful consideration, I have decided to end production of “Vote for the Girls” after 12 seasons in the spring of 2021. The reason was not due to low ratings yet the decision came down to a cost-saving scenario that makes no sense to keep producing “Vote for the Girls”.

As long as I have been a webmaster since “Vote for the Girls” began on April 28, 2010, I have been the first to support female contestants and get them to the finales and win the competitions such as “American Idol”, “The Voice”, “The X Factor”, and other reality-based talent competitions and encouraging viewers to vote out male contestants, regardless of opinions.

As a web site and YouTube channel, we have pursued and persuaded Americans (particularly the home state of Indiana) to the victories of Melanie Amaro, Alex & Sierra, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, Tessanne Chin, Alisan Porter, Chloe Kohanski, Addison Agen, Brynn Cartelli, Maelyn Jarmon, Candice Glover, and Maddie Poppe, flex picks Nick Fradiani, Trent Harmon, Sawyer Fredricks, Jordan Smith as well as make-up victories of Rumer Willis, Bindi Irwin, Laurie Hernandez, Lindsey Stirling, Lauren Froderman, Melanie Moore, Eliana Girard, Tiffany Maher, Amy Yakima, .Gaby Diaz, Jensen Arnold, Genessey , Hannahlei, Grace VanderWall, and Darci Lynne Farmer from “Dancing with the Stars”, “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Got Talent”. We have been successful in their victories and took the eliminations of Crystal Bowersox, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina, Jessica Sanchez, Angie Miller, Jena Asciutto, Jax Cole, LaPorsha Renae, Normani Kordei Hamilton, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, and other female contestants hard and we encouraged fans and friends to vote for other female contestants and to an extent male flexible picks, regardless of the opinions of American Public.

As the Founder, Owner, and Principal Webmaster of “Vote for the Girls”, I have had a lot of fun with the amazing rewards with the aforementioned 15 Vote for the Girls victories. The site’s cooperative relationship with fellow YouTube channels INNewsCenter and Queen of the Willis is the primary reason why “Vote for the Girls” exists and why it was created to see two female contestants in the top two (aka female winner and female runner-up) rather than two males (male winner and male runner-up), and of course, a female winner and male runner up. As the executive producer and host of “Vote for the Girls,” I have received over 12,500 complaints, criticisms, threats, and many times have been cuber-bullied and bullied. In 2014, after the defeats of Jena Asciutto and the late Christina Grimmie, I have received well over 3,000 complaints from viewers over the most brutal punishment for failure when the male contestants (Josh Kaufman and Caleb Johnson) respectively won “The Voice 6” and “American Idol 13”. Many of the “Vote for the Girls” punishments for failure were brutal, costly, and at times, endangered the lives of the moderator panelists on the Women’s Pink Team and the TransWomen’s Purple Team—at least ten moderators died.

Despite the successful campaigns of “Vote for Lauren and Haley” that saw yours truly “pulling a (1999) Brandi Chastain” that “Vote for the Girls” became known for after that victory, is the reason when several issues were brought to my attention—I’m not going to mention them at this time and I cannot discuss them—I had worked with officials in Marion and since May 14, 2018 officials in Fort Wayne, Indiana to create a plan and make sure that things go smoothly. However, the number of complaints have grown to the point—in some cases, my staff has received death threats and even worse, suicide threats have ballooned—where as an entrepreneur and retailer, I no longer can produce “Vote for the Girls” beyond 2021. As a result, in May 2021, “Vote for the Girls” will end after 12 seasons.

On the bright side, “Vote for the Girls” has surpassed Dave Della Terza’s “Vote for the Worst”, which ran from February 2004 to May 2013.

On a personal note, I appreciate the passion of our moderators and fans to support the female contestants. I know that you—the fans, the viewers, the friends, etc.—stand with me. While there is much excitement for female contestants and female newscasters, don’t let it end there. I thank you for being the most loyal audience that in 2010 a 27 year old transgender woman with four children who were not allowed to watch due to their age and the content of our site could ask for and by 2021 a 38 year old transwoman with four grown adult children with three grandchildren has been loyal. I thank you for watching and supporting “Vote for the Girls” over the years and enjoy it until the final episode airs in May 2021.

I always end with “Help control your child’s education, have them immunized!” And since moving to Fort Wayne, added “and may Fort Wayne’s Good News be yours.” I say that phrase with a meaning. It is because as a parent, I always kept my children’s vaccinations up to date over the years as well as getting the flu shot almost every year and Fort Wayne has been very kind to me since arriving from Marion on May 14, 2018. Two former Fort Wayne anchorwomen—Melissa Long and Marti Wright—have used “Good News” when I was growing up in Van Buren and since May 14, 2018, is the reason why I am tradition alive in not just “Vote for the Girls” but also other YouTube channels I own.


Aeverine “Ava” (Zinn) Nieves

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