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Vote for the Girls finds a new updated tune

You may have noticed something different about the broadcast on the tenth season premiere of "Vote for the Girls" on August 20. "Vote for the Girls” is introducing a modernized theme song. But first, Alexandra and Ava look back at the old music that signaled Vote for the Girls.

As Siobhan Magnus' elimination provided the music for "Vote for the Girls" once Crystal Bowersox became the very first Vote for the Girls pick for the very first broadcast on April 28, 2010.

"Here Come the Girls" courtesy of Sugababes became the signature theme music for "Vote for the Girls" for the first three seasons.

In 2013, Vote for the Girls got a new theme "What You've Done to Me", courtesy of Samantha Jade. the signature "Here Come the Girls" became the Victory theme.

In 2014, Vote for the Girls added two new themes -- Aloe Blacc's "The Man" as the Loss theme and Billy Barber & Robert Isreal's  "All My Children 1990" as the Classic Vote for the Girls theme song.

In the fall of 2015, the broadcast got a makeover -- and so did the theme, courtesy of R&B musician Peabo Bryson.

But this season, with the founder and webmaster's move from Marion, Indiana to Fort Wayne, it was time for a new beginning.

We decided to commission actress and singer Kassie DePavia to put the theme together for the "Theme of Vote for the Girls." Following up on the "Vote for Crystal Bowersox" campaign in 2010 as well as the Addison Agen and Christina Danielle appearances on "The Voice", executive producer Ava Zinn commissioned DePavia to write a new theme song for the broadcast. DePavia took elements from the broadcast's respective 2010 and 2015 theme songs, Sugababes' "Here Come the Girls" and Peabo Bryson's "One Life to Live 1984" to put it all together until it became one musical composition. And she she did.

The new theme music made its debut on Vote for the Girls' 10th anniversary show (although it will be official on April 28, 2020) that aired on July 29, 2018. To hear the new theme song and the songs of the past watch the video(s) above.

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