Lindsey & Lindsay, Addison Agen SAFE!

It was a very close but there was a first in Vote for the Girls history. Normally our moderators aren’t allowed to use the Moderators’ Save on DWTS, but because Lindsey Strling also competed on America’s Got Talent 5 in 2010 and chosen by VFTG Host, Webmaster, Founder and Executive Producer Ava Zinn, this was an exception due to the “Once a Vote for the Girls pick, Always a Vote for the Girls pick” rule.

But Jordan Fisher & Linday Arnold did get the mirror ball giving Kylie Dwyar her first VFTG Moderator Win and the late Holly Everman (1980-2017) posthumously her fifth VFTG Moderator win. It was a very bittersweet moment.

This story will be updated.

By the way, we did help our local VFTG Pick Addison Agen in making the Top 11 on The Voice 13 and a win as we sent Adam (Cunningham) and Jon (Mero) in the bottom two.

Ava really is going wall-to-wall with the live streams on YouTube and Facebook.

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