So You Think You Can Dance 14 Picks

Alexis Gilbert might not have been “America’s Favorite Dancer” and the Zinn’s Villains picks were way too strong until Rachael Passalt saved the day and not only earned her first moderator victory, but also a DOUBLE MODERATOR VICTORY as Koine and Lex were in the Top 2.

Rachael Passalt may have been the winning moderator and Taylor Sieve may have finished third place and in the VFTG Hall of Fame. But who else did the moderators and villains choose.

Unless you paid at least $5 per month via Ava Zinn’s Patreon page, here is the complete list of Zinn’s Villlains picks.

Moderator Picks

Purple Team North

Rachael Passalt – Taylor Sieve (3rd Place)
Rachael Passalt – Koine Iwaski (flexed from Hunter Diaz – RUNNER-UP/DOUBLE MODERATOR VICTORY)
Rachael Passalt – Lex Ishimoto (flexed from  Kye Sanchez – WINNER/DOUBLE MODERATOR VICTORY)
Rachael Passalt – Kiki Nymecheck (flexed from Phil Allen – 4th Place)
Rachael Passalt – Logan Hernandez (flexed from Hunter Diaz, ELIMINATED – TOP 6)

Ava Zinn – Dassy Lee (ELIMINATED – TOP 8)
Ava Zinn – Kaylee Millis (flexed from Sophia & Maci Blanca, later flexed out to Shane Spence via Zinn’s Villain Deal)

Purple Team East

Peta-Alyce Kaizer and Nadia Lorenzo – Koine Iwaski (flexed out to Hunter Diaz via Zinn’s Villain Deal)

Pink Team West

Nadine Cole –  Sydney Tormey (ELIMINATED – TOP 9)

Zinn’s Villains Picks

Red Team East

Phil Allen – Kiki Nymecheck (flexed out to Rachael Passalt in Top 6)

Dan Doakes – Robert Green (ELIMINATED – Top 10)

Red Team West

Kye Sanchez – Mark Villaver (ELIMINATED – Top 7)
Kye Sanchez – Lex Ishimoto (flexed out to Rachael Passalt in Top 6)

Blue Team East

Shane Spence – Kaylee Millis (bought pick from Ava Zinn in Top 7 Week, ELIMINATED – Top 6)

Blue Team South

Hunter Diaz – Logan Hernandez (flexed out to Rachael Passalt in Top 6, ELIMINATED – Top 6)
Hunter Diaz – Koine Iwaski (bought picks from Peta-Alyce & Nadia in Top 7 Week, flexed out to Rachael Passalt in Top 6 week)


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