Remembering Holly Everman as a fellow I-69er

Holly Everman was a woman who redefined what a co-host, close friend of Ava Zinn and Robyn Hurd (1961-2012), and a very close friendship could be, both on Vote for the Girls and behind it. She was known in her hometown of Muncie, Indiana who loved cheering for her alma matter Ball State University, flashy trendy outfits that became  staple of Vote for the Girls,  a producer, who worked hard to change Vote for the Girls. EVermin, who died Tuesday at the age of 37, was an icon both Marion and Muncie since the 1990’s whose on-screen persona radically changed with the times she lived in and helped set new benchmarks for not only defining the image of the bisexual woman. Everman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound during taping of the season finale that was to be posted on our YouTube channel.Born in Muncie, Indiana on April 21, 1980, Everman began her long career as an intern for Patrice Rafferty in 1989, developing the long standing fan base of the Big three I-69ers named after the Interstate highway. In 1990, at the age of 10, Holly made her debut with Ava Zinn on Patrice, Patrice Rafferty’s Saturday morning program. Everman was the definitive image of the co-host role that she nonetheless managed to stand out in.

Everman was 30 when she, Ava Zinn, Robyn Hurd, and Archibald Coolranch were panelists on the then-newly launched Vote for the Girls. Vote for the Girls launched in the United States at 10:00 PM Eastern on April 28, 2010 and just recently ended its eighth American and became a well-known competitor to Dave Della Terza’s Vote for the Worst to this day remains a foundational work for the medium, establishing tropes that helped revolutionize what the female contestant appearing on reality-based singing competitions like American Idol and The Voice could accomplish.

Vote for the Girls was a hit in the United States, the crown jewel of Ava Zinn’s internet empire, with four moderator victories on American Idol 12 (Candice Glover), The X Factor USA 3 (Alex & Sierra), Dancing with the Stars 19 (Alfonso Ribeiro), and co-moderator victory on So You Think You Can Dance 12 (Jaja Vankova). Beyond its success, Vote for the Girls was a show that was unafraid to get a girl to win to first place in every competition and eliminating all the the guys before the girls. In the famous Carlygate episode, Holly slammed at a classmate and delivered an insulting remark after Carly Rose Sonenclar was announced runner-up of The X Factor USA 2. Holly was similarly powerful behind the scenes and off-camera. It was a rare sighting of her serious side—one she could employ with devastating effectiveness— and a glimpse of a weighty journalism career that could have been.
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