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After a DWTS clean sweep, Ava Zinn announces she’s a 3 time rape victim….


In Part 2 meanwhile, Ava Zinn said on April 22, 2015 she was sexually assaulted, but it wasn’t her first rape

FORT WAYNE, IN (VFTG) — Vote for the Girls Founder, Webmaster, Host and Execuitive Producer Ava Zinn has survived three sexual assaults, the webmaster announced on her YouTube channel Thursday.


A NoSirGifts Fantasy Television spokesman said Zinn decided to tell her story after receiving three threatening Facebook messages Saturday (May 6).

The spokesman said Zinn had been feeling emotionally ill for the past few months and have been depressed since her April 2015 sexual assault/rape. She did not celebrate either her 2015 nor 2016 victories of Nick Fradiani and Alisan Porter.

In a companion e-mail, NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations President Jackson Steele said, “I know that all of us will give her every bit of support that she needs and asks for. Ava will once again lead the way, but we will stand with her at every turn.”

Steele said when Zinn does not feel well enough to anchor the program, “Holly Everman, Karly Jameson, Luka Runecraft and others over at CBS 41 (WTOR-FTV) will be substituting for Ava as necessary and when their other responsibilities permit.”

Zinn hosted this week’s program.

The news sent ripples through the moderator and villains panel, which has been shaken up in recent months, with the death of Perri Johnson, gender transitions of respective villains Tavon Savage (now Bria Savage) and Bill Delagatto (now Lydia Delagatto),  Tracia and Hillary Matthewson both leaving the panel and Zinn’s Villain Archibald Coolranch retiring at the end of the season next week. Current CBS 41 primary anchorwoman Alexx Moffitt announced she will be joining the Red Team at at the start of next season.

“Ava is an old friend,” Moffitt said in a press release. “I’m heartbroken, but she’s also a tough cookie. I’m counting on her getting through this very difficult passage.”

Zinn, along with Holly Everman and the retiring Archibald Coolranch has been with “Vote for the Girls” since 2010. Zinn and Everman were part of the original moderator panel, with Robyn Hurd for three years before Hurd’s death in 2012.

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