Kymberly Alvaraz Statement Regarding Domestic Violence Incident

As many of you are most likely aware by now and my fellow Coloradans and former colleagues in Denver about the allegations that I’ve beaten up my girlfriend, Ava. I want to take the time to give them a chance to hear this from this nearly 50 year old woman herself..

First and foremost, as most of you know as well as Ava’s friends and family are now aware is that I was the highest bidder in the virginity auction in 2014. What many did not know when I left my anchoring gig in Denver was that my contract with Colorado’s 2 (KDNC) was not renewed that resulted in leaving KDNC-FTV at the end of May 2014..

Around that period, what most of you did not know at that time and what you did not see behind the scenes from December 2013 and May 2014 was the fact, my husband of 20 years and I have separated. I had been very unhappy how I really wanted to have more children being the mother of four children and wanted to have another child after my youngest child (Denise) was born.

Flashback to Columbine (April 20, 1999)

Everything changed when I got that call from the assignment desk at 11:00 the morning of April 20, 1999. I was asleep and didn’t want to take that call since I was exhausted after Stephani (she was in kindergarten) was sick that day and that motherly instinct from God told me to drop the kids off at day care, but dropped them off at my transgendered sister’s home instead. Hayley was 3, Benita was 2, and Denise (then David) was 3 months. I dropped them off at my sister Davnia’s home not knowing what would unfold that day since I was going through one of the worst cases of postpartum depression. Then I answered the call angrily. I was mad, like so many times in my life before.

It was that particular call and when I heard the breaking news alert from Littleton, I was on my way to the KDNC studios. My co-anchor, Janet Webb, of five years at the time, and I had to go on at Noon with breaking news. It was Columbine. I felt my heart drop but had to maintain my composure on the air. Janet and I anchored coverage from Noon until Janet went home for the night and I stayed behind overnight (knowing I had that instinct not to come home that night). Doing interviews overnight I still had to maintain my composure. Dan was watching me at home and at his work while Davina, Stephen, Laverne, and Juan called me at my work.

During what was then known as “Fox 2 News at 5” (now [Colorado’s] 2 News at 5:00), I had to ad-lib something for the first of three times in my career. “We often don’t make recommendations for people’s behavior from the Fox 2 anchor desk, but if you’re a LGBT parent of family, you’ve got a kid in some other part of Colorado, call them up.” I knew what I said the air was wrong and I had to accept that two more times on July 17, 2008 and July 20, 2012 (by that point KDNC was sold to NoSirGifts after being a Fox O&O).

Flashback to 1989-1993

My mother, Julie, described me as a tough girl growing up and I’ve lived up to that name since my father died of his second heart attack in 1993. The fear of losing my father throughout my childhood until the first part of my adult life was consistent. I had a fear of unbearable losses most of my life and did whatever it took to resolve it.

After I graduated from Northern Colorado University in 1989 and began my career at what was my dream station to anchor at Denver’s then-NBC affiliate KIAA-FTV (channel 9, now a CW affiliate since June 1, 2015). I anchored “9 News Today in Colorado” from 1989 until I left in 1992. In 1992, Elaine Carson announced she was retiring after 24 years. I grew up watching Elaine Carson and I knew KIAA was the dream station as well as after watching Stormy Rottman.

I was one of five candidates at KIAA to really replace a legend. I was one of four women (the other three were Kylie Dwyar, Adelle Allen, and Paula Ropp). I had a huge advantage over Kylie and Adelle. The advantages I had were the looks, my youthful appearance, and the recommendation from Elaine Carson herself. I was sure I was going to co-anchor with Edd Stardell. This was the position of a lifetime and I was so confident I even planned to begin a damn good life what describes as a Colorado Girl.

After Elaine Carson retired in March of 1993, Adelle Allen (the weekend anchor at the time), Kylie Dwyar (who was anchoring “Today in Colorado” at the time), and I rotated as fill-in anchors while KIAA was searching for Elaine’s replacement. From what I heard Paula continued 9 News at Noon and I don’t blame her. Adelle, Kylie and I had one particular conversation and I remember making this statement, “That main anchor job is fucking mine and if either of you cocksuckers get that, I’ll find another station.” I was dead serious.

By the time the announcement of Elaine Carson’s successor was named while I had learned another anchor position at KDNC was open, I had already submitted the resume to the then-New Avon Communications owned CBS affiliate in Denver around the end of 1992. I trusted my gut instinct since I was about to give birth to my daughter Stephani.

I had that little feeling that either Adelle or Kylie would get the main anchor gig instead of me. I’ll never forget that announcement in that staff meeting after returning from maternity leave in April 1993. I was nervous like anyone else and I was ready to take action if I didn’t get the job. Resignation letter. My items packed and desk cleaned out just in case. At 10:14 AM, Monday, April 11, 1993 the second Adelle Allen was named, I walked away and whispered to Adelle, “Congratulations, bitch.” I really wanted to beat the shit out Adelle that day, but instead I went back to my desk and left the resignation letter that went into effect immediately. I knew I had left with bad blood (as a competitor). I never forgot the look on Kylie’s face the moment I walked out of KIAA on April 11, 1993. Kylie was my ally and I had never knew that until Kylie and her sister, Ann, joined the moderator panel in the summer of 2015.

That afternoon I went home to my apartment I shared with Dan, and checked my mailbox. One particular letter was from KDNC stating I got the anchor gig and knowing I had to fulfill a non-compete clause, I went to a bar alone to celebrate. That’s when I met Julia Passalt (then known as Jeffery, she had just accepted a job in Minneapolis) and I remember flirting with Julia at the time. I had just been engaged to Dan while Julia had been married. What I didn’t know was I had realized I had cheated on Dan with a married man. I’ve kept that affair secret until now. I really hope Julia confesses to cheating on her wife after I told Ava about this on my third date with Ava.

When I got back from the bar on April 11, 1993, Dan was home and I told him I had gotten my dream job in my hometown, yet I did not tell him it was NOT 9 News, until he was watching 9 News at 5 with Adelle and Ed. I changed the channel and Dan was like, ‘why did you do that for?’ I had seriously lost it and I seriously got in an argument. I slapped Dan as hard as I could and my emotions go the better of me. I picked up a bedroom television and hitting Dan in the face with that and used the cord to beat him leaving a bruise. I then showed him the letter from channel 2 and I was sorry.

I confessed to Denver police that night, in tears, that I seriously beaten my then-fiancée on April 11, 1993. I was arrested for domestic violence and sent to the jail. I was in tears for as long as I could. I paid the fine and swore I never did it again. Dan forgave me for that. I held a grudge against Adelle and took it out on Dan that night.

The following night, I went to my ex-boyfriend’s, Reggie, on April 12, 1993. He was living in Aurora. I told him everything I had done to Dan. I had no feelings at the time and wasn’t looking to rekindle some things with Reggie. Yet, I told him something I had only mentioned to my father before he died, “I am bi. What this means I’m attracted to both guys and girls.” I had experimented with lesbian sex with another girl in college and I never knew that would play a factor in one fateful decision I would make until I saw that beautiful and sexy transwoman from Indiana some 21 years later.

Then I got that call that my father died of a second heart attack. I never forgot that day. It was April 18, 1993. It was the most devastating day in my life and I knew my sexuality would get the better of me and played an influence on both of my younger siblings. I remember after Pope John Paul II visited Denver, both my younger siblings were still in pain after my dad’s death. Stephen (then Shirley) came out as trans first and I needed to do some research about transgender and transsexuals. I had known Stephen was a lesbian and Davina (then David, Jr.) was a bi man. I was the first person in the Christian family that both Davina and Stephen were changing sexes. My mom couldn’t believe it and I told conforted her and remember saying it is okay to have a straight daughter (Laverne),  a straight son (Juan),  a bisexual daughter (me), a transgender brother (Stephen), and a transgender sister (Davina).

I was about to start at channel 2 in December 1993, but I had a no-compete clause from channel 9 that expired at the end of February 1994. So I explored my bisexuality and basically cheated on Dan while I was at World Youth Day that summer and took Stephani as part of a “Bring your daughter to work prank”. What many of my former colleagues didn’t know was that I was going undercover and sleuthing to get answers I needed.

After I started working at KDNC-FTV, Fox stunned the broadcast industry that spawned several network changes nationwide from 1994 until 1997. Since New Avon was the owner of KDNC-FTV, I somehow got advanced noticed that KDNC was going to switch its affiliation to Fox from CBS. So New Avon went to work on an campaign that definitely made sure KIAA would be “Colorado’s Sorriest Loser” when that bitch (Adelle) anchoring with Edd (Stardell). The campaign was “Same Kym. Same Denver. New Channel” It was promoted after David Letterman had jumped the ship to host the Late Show (which at the time came on at 10:35 PM right after “Eyewitness News at 10”.) New Avon Communications invested $12 million on this campaign.

Another flashback to 1994 to 1996 (Changing Networks, Changing Genders and Sexual Orientations)

I was now working for New Avon Communications (later DakMedia and finally NoSirGifts) when they spent nearly $4 million alone on me. I knew it was a childhood dream coming true for me. What I didn’t know was at the time, I had basically changed Colorado forever during my time at KDNC-FTV. I would start March 7, 1994 as the station premiered “Channel 2 Eyewitess News at 4:00.”

As March 1994 approached, I had learned my new assignment at KDNC. It was definitely my dream job since I was little. My career was taking off like a celebrity. I was named the anchor of what was then known as “Channel 2 Eyewitness News” at 4, 5, 6, and 10. I applaud whomever made the anchor change when I arrived, I would say thank you for launching my career and helping me find my voice in Colorado for 25 years.

It was the beginning of big changes in the Christian family. I had a one year old daughter with Dan. I bought a ranch that Dan and I built in Westminister, Colorado and about to move in three years after buying the land as a wedding present. On-air at KDNC-FTV a week after my debut, I quietly married Dan Alvaraz in a quiet courthouse ceremony just five hours before the 4:00 news wearing a white skirt suit on March 15, 1994. That night at approximately 10:20 after Janet and I tossed to the weather segment with Katy Walsh (she is still at KDNC-FTV today), I mentioned a wedding and announced the marriage on-air.

That year, Stephen and Davina began their physical gender transitions together and Stephen’s top surgery (to remove the breasts for a female-to-male transsexual) before beginning his transition from female to male that began on December 1, 1994 when I saw Stephen as my youngest biological sister for the very last time and began seeing him as my transgendered brother. Davina, meanwhile, had a lot of work ahead of her and I began seeing her as my transgendered sister. She had a lot of hair on her face and pubic areas that needed treatment and I basically have been helping them out with my income to support their gender transition. I really thought I knew what seeing a gender transition was about until 2010.

Back at KDNC-FTV, within two months of my arrival in May of 1994, it became official when KDNC-FTV and other stations owned by New Avon Communications owned were switching to Fox. KDNC-FTV didn’t switch from CBS to Fox until March 4, 1996 since its affiliation contract with CBS did not run out until the end of February. I was excited about the switch more than anyone and knew this was a change for the better for me professionally. I wanted to have a another baby and sure enough I was pregnant with Hayley in 1995. But I knew I was unhappy a year into the marriage with Dan with all of those changes at KDNC-FTV.

A bigger staff and more news including a new hour-long 9:00 newscast and a 5:30 pm newscast to replace CBS programming. I was more happier on the professional level, yet personally I didn’t feel that way.

March 4, 1996 was also a special day for me personally, and I’m glad the switch from CBS to Fox was a blessing in disguise. On that day, KDNC-FTV switched from CBS to Fox, KLZL-FTV (channel 4) switched from an ABC O&O to CBS (later to be an O&O), KIAA-FTV (channel 9) remained with NBC, KTRJ-FTV (channel 11) switched from an independent station to an ABC O&O, KFUR-FTV (channel 24, now NBC affiliate KZCO-FTV) remained an independent station, while KDEN-FTV (channel 58) switched from Fox to a dual UPN/WB affiliate. Also that day was not only Davina’s 27th birthday, Davina herself officially began her gender transition that resulted in becoming my transgendered sister. I knew I had made KDNC-FTV one of America’s leading Fox stations during my time there.

Kymberly Laura Alvaraz Statement regarding arrests from 1993 and 2017

What many Coloradans from 1989 until 2014 saw me on KIAA-FTV or KDNC-FTV was the Professional side of yours truly on-camera. I’ve influenced a number of lives in Colorado, even my own children. However, there was the personal side of yours truly that every journalist almost rarely reports on or what many of my colleagues from Denver, Fort Wayne, or on Vote for the Girls hate to report on one of their own colleagues for any reason. It is part of being a broadcast journalist. And I am sorry to say I have let my fellow Coloradans down and horribly betrayed them. What was posted about being arrested by own girlfriend, Ava Zinn, I am sorry to say it is unfortunately the truth. My emotions got the better of this Colorado Girl who will be celebrating her 50th birthday in July 2017.

On the morning of December 25, 2016 I caused and inflicted pain on my girlfriend and well-known webmaster, the beautiful now 34 year old Ava Zinn from Van Buren, Indiana, after I overcooked Christmas dinner and caused damage to the roof of her mouth. As a result of the mouth injury I caused Ava, I will have to pay restitution to the woman I have been in love with since July 2014 as well as the father of my son, Kenneth, and my unborn twin daughters, Alisan We and Lauren Haley, due in July 2017.

I had told Ava to get CareCredit in her name after she arrested me. I will say thank you for giving me that black eye. I know Ava’s not a police officer, but I will say since Ava and I have been together, I pretty much dominated Colorado. I know I’ve made Ava’s life much better than any other woman she’s been with.

Sorry to break it to Ava’s previous significant others of Mandy Davidson, Elisa Everman, Angie Willis, and Christy Johnson, you may have known when you were in a long-term relationship, you are automatically a fucking sex partner (Ava is very clear on that rule and one big rule of hers). What none of these four women ever knew was the fact when I placed that bid in Ava’s Virginity Auction, I was making history and shattering records. So, boo-hoo-hoo-hoo and cry you eyes out in shame and run away from the truth.

I have done far more for Ava and she has done far more for me since the long-term relationship began on January 4, 2015. It was well worth every penny. Every dollar I spent in becoming the winning bidder of Ava’s Virginity Auction. I’m not disclosing how much I have bid but I will say it was $5,000 more than a transgendered man’s bid.

Kymberly Alvaraz Statement Regarding Domestic Violence Incident

On January 19, 2017 in Marion, Indiana, I did the most horrific thing no wife or girlfriend, especially a broadcast journalist, ever wants to admit publicly–especially when this broadcast journalist from Denver, Colorado has been well-respected and well-known in Colorado for many years and relocates to Indiana after living in Colorado for 46 years to be in “the dream relationship” with a well-known webmaster and tycoon that made Vote for the Girls the popular web site that I want to marry when the timing is right. No spouse ever wants to admit that fact to one’s significant other when he or she is confronted of these such allegations. I am a two-time domestic batterer of 25 years. I am horrified to admit this fact that this is the officially the second time in my life I have committed spousal abuse in two cities: Denver, Colorado in 1992 (victim is Dan Alvaraz) and Marion, Indiana in 2017 (victim is Ava Zinn).
First and foremost, I will acknowledge that my actions to Dan Alvaraz that started from April 11, 1993 until I chose to divorce him after denying years of spousal abuse caused by the worst case of postpartum depression was completely uncalled for. I took responsibility the day I confessed to Denver Police that Monday in 1993 and I let my unhappiness with Dan get to him until he took his own life. I bullied him to his death on November 22, 2014. I personally paid Dan’s family $250,000 not only as a Christmas present, but I also admitted to Dan’s family that I was liable for Dan’s death and never went near his family in New Mexico after I paid them.
Secondly, I will say my actions towards the Marion, Indiana Police Department and what I did to my girlfriend was absolutely unacceptable. My girlfriend was right to place me under a citizen’s arrest after I chocked her on the early evening hours of January 19, 2017. I knew from that moment Ava used her right hand to temporarily blind my left eye was justified under the “so-called Stand Your Ground Law.” The worst part of all this was the fact I had exposed my son watching a nearly 50 year old mother choke a 34 year old transgender woman in front of that particular little boy. I should have never ever exposed a baby to that kind of violence unlike I did with my then-three-month old Stephani.
I would like to say that Ava and I are humbled, overwhelmed with the support we separately received from family, friends, colleagues, and fans.
My fellow Coloradans and Ava’s fellow Hoosiers need to understand the fact that I’ve officially become the news for the third time in my life when as broadcast journalists we are supposed to deliver the news. It is part of the job as a news anchorwoman. I’ve heard that particular phrase thousands of times.
It is heartwarming from fans and friends from Colorado and Indiana. It is very helpful especially at a tough time like this.
I want to say that I love Ava more than anything. She has been an important person in my life and I’ve been an important person in her life since I first met Ava briefly in 2007 when she invented the “NoSirGifts Newscast Mandate” (you probably know it as two women co-anchor newscasts, a philosophy of Ava’s: “News Directors/Producers Have a Choice, Viewers Don’t”, or even another way that I would rather not get into other than sex sells) and officially met her in person in 2014.
Ava has helped me through some difficult times and I’ve done the same for Ava.

I love my children and stepchildren more than anything on Earth.

As I previously stated, I deeply regret how I acted towards the Marion, Indiana Police Department, and at my girlfriend on the afternoon of January 19, 2017. It was unfortunate that my emotions got the better of me and I did not show either MPD or Ava respect they deserved, especially when your significant other knows a police officer personally. Like all law enforcement agencies, the police department’s officers are there to do their job to protect and serve. They are a great department.
To my fellow Coloradans, I sincerely apologize to all of my fans that have watched me since “9 News Today in Colorado” when it premiered in 1989. I apologize to nearly all my fellow Denver, Colorado natives no longer living in the City of Denver, Colorado. I apologize to everyone on Vote for the Girls USA, Aeverine Zinn Holdings, NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations. I apologize to Ava online and will apologize to Ava in person on my next court date. I apologize to Ava’s family and extended family she has left (I’m sure she has a few cousins and half-cousins in the Marion, Indiana area and one cousin in the OKC).
Most importantly, I must accept the sanctions that Aeverine Zinn Holdings, the owner of Vote for the Girls, has imposed as a consequence of my actions on the afternoon of January 19, 2017. It is sad that Ava and I will be disqualified for the remainder of the eighth season of “Vote for the Girls” and I am sure Ava is disappointed just as much as I am that due to this incident, we will not be making our picks for the twelfth season of “The Voice” and the twenty-fourth season of “Dancing with the Stars” yet Ava will still be hosting.
Furthermore, as part of a deal, I have informed Jackson Steele, the president and chief executive officer that I am taking an indefinite leave of absence without pay from WTOR-FTV/WXXC-FDT until further notice as a consequence of this incident. What this means is that I will be off the air for some time and therefore if I remember my conversation right, either Sophia Williams, Holly Everman, Karly Jameson, some fill-in anchor at CBS 41/INNCD 47, or for all I know a guest anchor–I’m sure that person will do a great job in my absence.
As journalists we have valued the quality of journalism yet devalued when a person or persons have been in harm’s way and don’t make any effort to put forth necessary actions or energy and time in which far less important things have taken precedent.
I have seen my colleagues with far worse offenses than I. I’ve also seen colleagues with far lesser offenses some have been banned, terminated on the spot. But I’ve seen colleagues that has had bad behavior patterns behind closed doors unknown from the American public while swift and harsh action handed down to many other colleagues without half the details or the amount of time.
I applaud NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations, Aeverine Zinn Holdings, and Ava Zinn herself as my discipline fits the crime. Is the system broken? Yes. Does Ava Zinn need to act like she doesn’t care especially when she is in a de facto marriage? Absolutely! Ava Zinn is a transwoman of her word, unlike others. Others need to stop acting like they care and start showing people they mean what they say! What it boils down to is being loyal and honest. I only wish more people like Ava are true to their word.
I am forever grateful that I did not lose my job as a result of this incident, yet it could have been a lot worse as exactly I saw on the morning of April 11, 1993 when I did not get the main anchorwoman gig at KIAA-FTV that went to Adelle Allen.
Speaking of Adelle, in a very sad and ironic twist of fate, I have learned from Kylie Dwyar that Adelle died of a heart attack the following Sunday (January 22) after I got sent to the slammer and wasn’t released on bond on January 23. Another consequence as a result of the January 19, 2017 incident is that I will likely miss the chance to attend Adelle’s funeral to pay my last respects. Yet I did produce a video tribute.
In closing as a former colleague of mine, I will say to Bryant Allen as Adelle was the sister of my former co-anchor from 1989 to 1993: “I am sorry about the death of Adelle Allen and I want to take the time to apologize to Adelle for insulting her on April 11, 1993. I was clearly upset that day and frustrated that she got the main anchor gig and always wondered why she got it instead of me. It wasn’t until Kylie gave me a call and told me everything in 2015. I wanted to make amends, but I didn’t and I felt it was all my fault after I didn’t speak to Adelle from April 11, 1993 until February 20, 2015 when I sang “Free Bird” on Kylie Dwyar’s last day at KIAA.”
I also want to say thank you to Kylie Marie Dwyar. I remember a conversation I had with Kylie was a promise we made in case Adelle and Kylie left KIAA-FTV was:
“Kylie, please keep in touch with me just in case (Adelle resigns and you’re her sucessor). When the time comes you call me the second KIAA does not renew your contract at any way.”
After I moved from Colorado to Indiana, Kylie kept the promise she and I made 23 years earlier. I gave her a note I asked her to say on air in case was actually reported that I had written in my diary in high school:
“Every Coloradan, every Colorado news personality dreams of anchoring (KIAA-FTV) 9 News and—for three months—I got to do it. I did it my way, with people I love, and I do not regret a second [of it]…. I also want to thank a former colleague of mine, Kym Christian, for encouraging me to believe in myself and in Colroado.”
As I wrote in my high school diary back in 1984 that I allowed Kylie to use on air,”Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” Then Kylie added these words: “…Thank you, Elaine Carson and Kym Christian.”
As for what the future holds for me after the January 19, 2017 incident, Ava and I had already been facing at least four years of uncertainty for obvious reasons.
The question I am worried about now is will Ava and I still be together despite admitting was a bit extreme? I know the point of this is when this Colorado Cougar knows she must make a change. Ava learned that she should never hit a woman, yet as a woman that wears the pants in the relationship she does so if its necessary.
That decision is really up to Ava since I’ve invested heavily in the relationship. Whatever Ava’s decision is I’m sure she will have a good reason and hopeful that I do not get that dreaded “Dear Jane Letter” from Ava. I will do whatever it takes to stop Ava from taking that step.
Now it’s your turn to speak your mind about what you think. Tweet me @KymAlvaraz or write on my Facebook wall.
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