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Kymberly Alvaraz arrested for domestic battery

Vote for the Girls moderator Kymberly Alvaraz has taken a 10 show suspension on Vote for the Girls, less than two days after being arrested in Marion, Indiana for allegedly choking her girlfriend in a rage, and then threatening to kill her when in police custody.

Sources to NoSirGifts-owned CBS affiliate WTOR-FTV (CBS 41 Fort Wayne) said that Alvaraz, 49, accepted her suspension today, hours after Vote for the Girls exclusively revealed that she allegedly also had previously threatened to harm her 22-month-old son in front on her fellow-moderator girlfriend (as well as founder, webmaster and Vote for the Girls Host), and then kill her.

Alvaraz said in a prepared statement, “My family is my first and only priority right now and I have informed both the management at CBS 41 and NoSirGifts that I need to put all of my time and energy into making sure that I do what’s best for Ava (Zinn, Alvaraz’s girlfriend), her children, and my children. I very much appreciate the opportunity that CBS 41 and previously Colorado’s 2 (Fox affiliate KDNC-FTV, WTOR’s sister station owned by NoSirGifts) has given me and I thank them for accepting my decision to take time off.”

An allegedly “extremely belligerent” Alvaraz was arrested Thursday afternoon at the Marion Police station after turning herself in to custody from Zinn’s home where she lives on a part-time basis with Ava Zinn after Ava’s worried 23-year old daughter, Samantha Zinn, called cops and reported a domestic disturbance there.

“I can’t go to jail tonight, I’m knocking her out!” a rage-fueled Alvaraz, 49, to a cop booking her Thursday for allegedly throttling Ava, according to the police report obtained by Vote for the Girls.

She also taunted her arresting officers, dubbing one cop “Officer Motherf–ker” and daring them to make her handcuffs tighter, the report says.

Ava Zinn (documented as Aeverine Nieves since it is the legal name of Zinn’s), 34, founder and webmaster of Vote for the Girls, gouged Alvaraz’s eyes with her hands to stop her from choking her with both hands on the couch as her stomach ulcer (which was diagnosed Tuesday) flared up, cops said.

That’s how she ended up with a bruise on her forehead in her mug shot.

The once attractive transwoman, 145-pound blonde going gray was so “distressed, visibly shaken, and clearly in fear of her girlfriend” that she refused to write out a statement against Alvaraz, cops wrote. She also would not allow them to photograph red marks on her neck.

Zinn stated, “I kinda felt the injuries were justified from Kymberly after she had overcooked Christmas dinner as her way of punishing me for paying a bill on time and the reason I got the upper mouth ulcer both as a Xmas and birthday present. (Zinn was diagnosed with the mouth ulcer at the dentist office) .

Ava’s eldest adopted daughter, Ashil Zinn, 18, told police that Alvaraz once threatened the Alvaraz and Zinn’s 22-month-old son, Kenneth.

“Ashli stated that in the past Kymberly commented to her that if Ava leaves her she would beat up their son (Kenneth) in front of her and then beat her up badly,” police wrote.

Cops notified Indiana Child Protective Services about “suspected child abuse and neglect” at Zinn’s home and also at Alvaraz’s home, which automatically triggered an investigation.

But sources told CBS 41’s sister station in Denver that according to Kylie Dwyar (now a Vote for the Girls moderator), Alvaraz’s former colleague in Denver, Alvaraz’s late husband, Dan, and Ava are also confrontational — and that Dan Alvaraz basically drove Kymberly to have an extramarital affair in 2014.

KDNC refused to renew Kymberly’s contract when Dan e-mailed about 100 of Kymberly’s colleagues, accusing them of being complicit in her suspected affair (and eventual) affair with Ava Zinn. Zinn had auctioned off her virginity to Alvaraz, who was the highest bidder after bidding $5,000 more than a transgendered male. In 2014, Zinn had threatened to auction off her virginity if a male contestant won American Idol and/or The Voice. Zinn followed through on her particular threat when Christina Grimmie finshed third place on the sixth season of “The Voice” and Jena Asciutto, finished runner-up on the 13th season of American Idol, while at the same time, Asciutto broke several Vote for the Girls records.

Dan discovered the alleged affair after hiring a private investigator, and stashing a recording device in Kymberly’s car, a 1997 Lincoln Navigator.

“You know that if I go public, it is going to make everybody in Denver look bad,” Dan wrote in his email to Alvaraz’s co-anchor, Janet Webb.

“The email said, ‘I know who the “stupid tranny” is, I know my wife has been carrying on and the fact that you have protected her is disgusting, this affair happened and you should have done something to stop it,’” the source recounted.

He was basically saying ‘if you continue to shield my wife, I am going to make life really hard for you’.”

“It made everyone as uncomfortable as hell. He wrote it to the Managing Editor (Sandra Parsons now main anchor at CW affiliate KIAA-FTV in Denver) and the then-news director at KDNC-FTV, and cc:ed all of Kymberly’s co-anchors and NoSirGifts officials including then-NoSirGifts chairman Archibald Coolranch (now a Zinn’s villain for Vote for the Girls) and the late NoSirGifts President and CEO Lynsey Matthewson (the sister of Vote for the Girls co-host Holly Everman). He said the situation was really uncomfortable.”

“KDNC protected Kymberly as long as they could, and when they thought that Dan’s email might go public, they told Kymberly we are going to cancel you,” the source said.

“Dan and to a lesser extent, Ava, have got a volatile streak in them as well. Dan makes himself out to be a victim, but those two just poke each other. Ava, on the other hand, was just some money-hungry breeding-transwoman looking for her Ms. Right. Nobody is the complete innocent in that couple of Dan & Kymberly or Kymebrly & Ava. When Dan & Kymberly were married, everybody (at channel 2) knew about this, and viewed Dan & Kymberly as a pressure cooker. But when Kymberly and Ava began dating, it was clear Ava was really serious about Kymberly wanting to get pregnant with a fifth child at any way possible. They knew at some point things would explode.”

Sources Friday said that Kymberly Alvaraz was convinced her arrest Thursday would cost Alvaraz her job at CBS 41, which hired him in 2014 after she spent more than 25 years as an anchor and years as a talk show host. Alvaraz is still employed by NoSirGifts as an anchor/reporter, yet she remains on the Vote for the Girls moderator panel, for now.

The beautiful 130-pound brunette from Colorado standing 5 feet 3 inches, was arraigned in Grant Superior Court Friday on charges of strangulation, battery, threatening and disorderly conduct.

A judge ordered the 49 year old Alvaraz, who is currently three months pregnant with Zinn’s twin daughters (to be named Alisan We and Christina Jena) to stay at least 50 yards away from Ava outside the office, and barred her from contacting Ava or going to Ava’s home for 90 days.

“I did not choke Ava. I have only laid hands on Ava twice,” Alvaraz, who remains free on $100,000 bail in addition to paying the $10,000 fine, told reporters before her arraignment.

“I love Ava more than anything,” said Alvaraz, whose forehead was still scarred.

Ava was not in court. Her eldest daughter, Samantha, told cops during the Thursday afternoon blow-up that Alvaraz called her to say, “Your father is crazy, we have to do something with her,” the police report said.

Samantha said she had begged her father (Zinn doesn’t use the term transgender mother despite Zinn’s gender transition) twice to leave Alvaraz, but the long-suffering girlfriend feared she “would do something to her and their son,” the report said.

Alvaraz called the arresting officers “f–king a–hole cops.”

When asked if her cuffs were too tight, she “stated that she wanted them tighter,” according to the police report.

Judge Dana Kentworthy said the police report “not only reflects a serious incident, it reflects the likelihood of a serious history . . . If I’m going to make a mistake, I’m going to err on the side of safety.”

Alvaraz apologized to both Zinn’s family and the cops in her statement to reporters, saying: “I regret deeply how I acted toward the Marion Police Department.”

Her lawyer did not comment on the contents of the police report.

When asked if Ava would drop the charges, Alvaraz said, “I don’t know the answer to that question.”

Cops in Indiana had been to both Zinn’s and Alvaraz’s homes before. Records obtained Friday show Kymberly was arrested and charged on October 2014 for second degree involuntary manslaughter in an incident stemming from a robbery involving former Vote for the Girls UK moderator Khayla Chow. Alavraz was found not guilty and acquitted in November 2015. Zinn was also arrested March 12, 2015 for disorderly conduct in a dispute over renovations that threatened Zinn’s job as a webmaster.

It was not the first time Alvaraz had been arrested. In Westminster, Colorado, Kymberly Alvaraz was arrested April 10, 1996, for disorderly conduct in an incident involving Dan.

On July 19, 2003, a cop in Westminster, Colorado went there in response to another domestic disturbance.

And CBS 41 first reported that Kymberly Alvaraz was also arrested for allegedly assaulting her husband in 1992 in Denver — and that cops had gone to their city apartments seven other times for verbal disputes.

ORIGINAL STORY (1/19/2017)

MARION, Indiana – Vote for the Girls moderator Kymberly Alvaraz was arrested Thursday after she turned herself in to local police for a domestic violence incident.

The 49-year old was charged with battery against a household member and was booked into the Grant County Detention Center after punching and shoving her girlfriend, Ava Zinn (documented as Aeverine Nieves), 34, causing her recently diagnosed stomach ulcer to flare up. Zinn had been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer on Tuesday and had just been diagnosed with a second ulcer in the upper roof of her mouth.

“We are aware of the arrest but will wait for more details before making any other comments,” Jackson Steele, president for NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations said in a statement.

Alvaraz came to Vote for the Girls in 2014 after 25 years as an anchorwoman in Denver and has been a moderator panelist with Vote for the Girls with Zinn since 2015.

This story will be updated

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