Archibald Coolranch to retire at the end of season

Vote for the Girls USA is about to go through a huge change in the fall 2018 pending the renewals of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice as Archibald Coolranch has decided to step down at the end of the ninth season in May 2017.

This season of Vote for the Girls will be Archibald Coolranch’s final year on the Zinn’s Villain panel as today he announces that he is stepping down from his role as Head Villain. Coolranch has been Head Villain on VFTG since its debut on April 28, 2010

Archibald Coolranch says: “In 2010, I was asked to take part in a brand new endeavor, and who would have thought me, old Archibald Coolranch, would still be part of this amazing series nearly 10 years on. This adventure began when I was in my 70s and now that I’ve reached 80, I’ve decided after 2018, it’s time to hand the role of Head Villain to someone else. It is an honor being part of the wonderful venue and I’m looking forward to my last season very much and to whatever comes next.”

Ava Zinn, Vote for the Girls founder, host and webmaster, says: “After 8 years, our Head Villain Archibald has decided it’s time to hang up his Zinn’s Villain shoes! I know we are all going to miss him tremendously, but I also know Archibald’s final season is going to be full of unmissable moments and I hope fans and audiences will give him the special send-off he deserves.”

Zinn added: “I’m absolutely delighted that Holly (Everman), myself, our moderator panelists (except Tracia & Hillary), and villains are all returning for another year. Although we will be sad to say goodbye to Archibald, as our way of saying thank you, we are all determined to make the ninth the most spectacular and entertaining yet.”

Talking to Kathy Finkelmyre on The Kathy Finkelmyre Show, he clarified rumors as a potential successor, saying it was more about having a “villainy person” there.

Coolranch added: “What I said was this: I’m 80 now, come to next two years I’ll be 82 obviously, and what I said was ‘a good successor’ – Luka, Glenn, Ted Shields – and for me, what I was trying to say is, it’d be good if it was somebody whose roots were fans of American Idol male contestants.

He recently praised fellow villain Bria Savage (formerly Tavon Savage) about Savage’s gender transition, and hit back at pink team moderators Sophia Williams and Maci Blanca, after viewers claimed Williams and Blanca had unfairly used two flex picks on Josh Gallagher and The Voice 11 winner Sundance Head and taking those picks away from Savage and her boyfriend, Devin Martin.

He said he was also surprised about the flex picks on The Voice 11, but stressed that Ava made the right call and as moderators and villains, judged solely on the performances done on that night.

He explained: “It’s nothing to do with the Moderators’ Save, or who you think would win it all in the finale, it is just about that one performance.

“And as far as I was concerned – and Jacqui (Fountaine) and Glenn (Swaringen) – we thought Ali (Caldwell) didn’t go wrong, it was beautifully performed that night, so there you have it … The viewers, Sophia & Maci spoke.”

Earlier this season, Coolranch’s seven season winning villain streak came to an end on August 27, 2016 and was finally dethroned after becoming the winningest villain  in this site’s history. Bria Savage (then Tavon Savage), eventually nosed out Coolranch as the winning villain as her America’s Got Talent 11 pick Grace VanderWaal was declared the winner. Coolranch’s six season AGT streak brought him a lot of rewards, since Vote for the Girls began in 2010.

The soon-to-be transwoman from Little Rock, Arkansas who beat record-setting “Vote for the Girls USA” winning villain also appeared on “The Karly Jameson Show,” hosted by VFTG moderator Karly Jameson.

But, Savage told Karly Jameson, as she recalled. “When it happened, they said, ‘This is amazing and huge. I told my boyfriend and my daughter and that’s it.

Savage says it was “the most surreal feeling” beating Coolranch. “I was stunned,” she admits.

She notes that the power of positive thinking and good decision making was a big help. “A lot of (other villains or moderators) lost before the live shows began. When they saw Archibald, they said, ‘I’m playing for second.’ But I said, ‘Somebody is going to beat him; it might as well be me.”

Coolranch, who became a celebrity during his run, was able to joke about the elimination of Julia Scotti on “The Kathy Finkelmyre Show” Friday night.

“I’ve got my daughters, so, I just need a bit of time off to get on with a normal life. And it was decided that VFTG USA went… I’m doing the spring cycle when I go out there… and it’ll be my last one.”

Coolranch added: “Vote for the Girls – the year after I retire their 9th year, it’s the 9th season of the show. So I think that’s a nice place to stop.”

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