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Tavon Savage announces gender change, will go by Bria Savage

FORT WAYNE, Ind., LITTLE ROCK, Ark., and BALTIMORE, Mar. (December 22, 2016) – Zinn’s Villain panelist Tavon Savage announced Thursday a personal change and gives the Vote for the Girls USA its very first M2F and F2M duo moderator of Savage and Savage’s boyfriend, Devin Martin. Savage will transition from male and begin living as a female on July 1, 2017 and will be known as Bria Savage .

“The fact of the matter is, I’m sorry we needed to inform my family in Arkansas that I’ve been in a relationship with a transman,” said Savage. “Being in a gay relationship with another man born a woman was just no longer compatible with my long-term success for my career advancement. As a result, I felt I needed to make this decision. It was not an easy decision. (It came down to) what I feel is best positioned for my life, my sexuality, and my career.”

One of the factors spurring the Savage’s gender switch to female was both third place finishes of both the late Christina Grimmie on The Voice 6  and We McDonald on The Voice 11 in which both were the last females in the respective finales. Grimmie’s third place finish behind runner-up Jake Worthington and the INFAMOUS Josh Kaufman did play a part in what has to be one of the most controversial moments in this site’s history with the most brutal punishments in this site’s history as well as the spouses/significant others of current Vote for the Girls moderators Kymberly Alvaraz moved from Dan Alvaraz to Ava Zinn (as Zinn auctioned off her male virginity to Alvaraz in May 2014); Perri Johnson moved from Mick Sill to Holly Everman (as Everman paid Johnson for a long-term relationship in May 2015); and shortly before Leonard Lai’s death in October 2015,  what was then known as Daniel McClannahan (now Danni McClannahan) switched her spouse from Lai to Lanise White for similar reasons, although Lai was a transman and McClannahan is now a transwoman.

“There’s nothing more valuable to Vote for the Girls and to NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations staff with both a transgendered man and a transgender woman, and on Vote for the Girls, Bria and Devin wlll make a great duo moderator as they were a great duo villain on Vote for the Girls,” said Kymberly Alvaraz, purple team moderator . “We’re very pleased that Bria Savage and Devin Martin bring the full value that Vote for the Girls brings to Arkansas and Maryland.”

The moderator panelists feels we’re getting beachfront property with both a transman and a transwoman, said Lanise White, in an interview Thursday morning. “Devin Martin is without doubt one of the most powerful and highly successful transmen on Vote for the Girls,” said White. The executive said NBC had no dealings with WRAL until after the station’s talks with CBS had come to a close.

“If they come to you,” Alvaraz said, “you take that meeting.”

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