America’s Got Talent 11 Live Shows What You Need to Know

When Ava Zinn added America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars two years ago as make-up competitions, we’ve seen a lot of successful VFTG picks and flex picks.

But, that was in 2014…. the moderator panelists had to support Valerie Rockey on SYTYCD and Emily West on AGT 9 and made the respective finales.

Now it 2016 and the 11th season of AGT live shows are underway.

This year for the first time ever, I am happy to announce on behalf of Zinn’s Villains, Ava Zinn is allowing the guys to support the VFTG picks (the ladies get to choose them as well as their flex picks) as our flex picks.

This is a big change because the guys are allowed to use flex picks to choose a female contestant on America’s Got Talent from the (female) moderators on the pink and purple teams to the Male Moderators (or Zinn’s Villains) on the red and blue teams because the female moderators are not allowed to participate in America’s Got Talent competition and the male villains are not allowed to participate in Dancing with the Stars.

The Villains’ Save will used in the event the last female contestant on  America’s Got Talent is eliminated and unlike the Moderators’ Save used to decline the loss on The Voice and American Idol (of which only the female moderators are given the power to exercise a veto), Zinn’s Villains will, upon the elimination of the last female contestant’s elimination (just like when the female moderators did with Valerie Rockey and DaNica Shirey upon their eliminations) are given the power to exercise a veto and spare the site from a Vote for the Girls Loss for America’s Got Talent. This can only be invoked up until the Top 10 or Finale. If the Villains’ Save is used on America’s Got Talent,  the Villains will not get to choose any Vote for the Girls picks on The Voice because no loss is declared. The Villains’ Save can only be used once and it must be unanimous pending the final vote of the Moderators.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. Will a Villain get the first Vote for the Girls Victory on America’s Got Talent? Just last week, Ava tweeted: “After reviewing Samantha Johnson’s performances on AGT10, we have decided that we will Archibald Coolranch his first DOUBLE VFTG VICTORY!”

When do the live shows of America’s Got Talent start?

America’s Got Talent 11 live shows start at 8 PM Eastern Tuesday July 25 with the results Wednesday July 26 at 8 PM Eastern.

The live shows will then continue every Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8 PM until September 14. Due to NBC’s commitments to the 2016 Summer Olymopics, no shows air on August 9 and 16

  • Quarterfinals Performances 1: July 26
  • Quarterfinals Performances 2: August 2
  • Quarterfinals Performances 3: August 23
  • Semifinals Performances 1: August 30
  • Semifinals Performances 2: September 6
  • Finale Performances: September 13

Who are the Vote for the Girls Picks?

There are several female contestants VFTG encourages you to vote for, but since there hadn’t been a female winner since Bianca Ryan in 2005, the MEN and TRANSMEN…

Yes, I said it right, the MEN on the BLUE TEAM (Archibald Coolranch, Glenn Swaringen, Bill Delagatto, and Tavon Savage) and the TRANSMEN on the RED TEAM (Clark Jones, Luka Runecraft, Kye Sanchez, and myself) actually made the VFTG picks normally chosen by the ladies on the PINK and PURPLE teams as our Flex picks. That is because the ladies on the PINK and PURPLE teams have Dancing with the Stars.

In other words, Ava Zinn will rarely say, “Gentlemen, there are no Vote for the Girls picks on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ All the Zinn’s Villains’ picks are good.”

The Villains’ Picks are:

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Who are the Vote for the Worst Picks?

Unlike the Vote for the Worst picks that are revealed after the finales of “American Idol” or “The Voice”, the Vote for the Worst picks on “America’s Got Talent” are not revealed, so if you read this, complain to Ava Zinn about it since she’s the one who made the rules on VFTG.

In the meantime, the Villains picks will be revealed.

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