VFTG Pick Changes for July 18, 2016


In previous years, when a female contestant finished in second or worse, a make-up competition is needed. With Ava & Kymberly dominated with double moderator victories on The Voice 9, The Voice 10, American Idol 15, and Dancing with the Stars 21. Ava & Kymberly have a number of advantages for the eighth season of Vote for the Girls.

First, Ava & Kymberly do not have to participate in the thirteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance and the 23rd season of DWTS. Second, Ava & Kymberly still have to obtain the Curly Sue DVD, as well as more surprises yet to come.

Meanwhile, as Lanise White became the winning moderator of Dancing with the Stars 22, Lanise declined the advantage and decided to participate in the 13th season of “So You Think You Can Dance.” However, as part of her reward for Nyle DiMarco winning DWTS 22, Lanise went to watch the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 and will be watching the 2016 NFL Hall of Fame Game in person.

However, the tables have turned for villains of the Vote for the Girls moderators… As they suffered their second consecutive shut out, the men on the red and blue teams have to participate in “America’s Got Talent” for the second consecutive season. Had Jordan Smith and Trent Harmon not been flexed out to Ava & Kymberly from Leonard Lai and Clark Jones, respectively, Leonard’s successor, Luka Runecraft and Clark, would not be participating in the 11th season of AGT. Too bad for Luka and Clark, though, but that is what happens when flex picks are in on VFTG…

There is a silver lining for the men on blue and red team — just like the women on the pink and purple team have with “DWTS”, the men have “AGT.” Last year, the males on VFTG, decided to support as many as female contestants as their flex picks nominally supported by the pink and purple teams in addition to their usual picks (or the VFTG version of Vote for the Worst picks). A notable difference is the fact none of the Vote for the Worst picks on AGT are ever revealed.

Ava Zinn, founder and webmaster of Vote for the Girls said, “When the ‘Guys Rule’ episode aired back in April and added flex picks in 2016, I knew they were the right changes that had to be made. The girls on the panel already have “DWTS” as a built-in make-up competition and with the addition of “AGT” in 2014, I figured Zinn’s Villains needed some prominence.”

“There are no Vote for the Worst picks on DWTS. All the moderators’ picks are good” is a common quote on VFTG.  Perhaps adding “There are no Vote for the Girls picks on AGT. All the villains’ picks are good,” is something Dave Della Terza did not even think about when his Vote for the Worst site competed with Vote for the Girls.

Nonetheless, here are the Vote for the Girls pick changes for So You Think You Can Dance 13:


FLEXED: moved from a male villain either the red or blue team to any female moderator and vice versa
CROSS-FLEXED: moved from one female moderator from either the pink or purple team to another moderator on the opposing purple or pink team

  • Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz
    • None – Not required to participate due to Alisan Porter winning “The Voice 10”
  • Rachael Passalt (NEW)
    • Tahani Anderson
  • Thia Tola (MOVED from Pink Team)
    • Tate McRae (CROSS-FLEXED from Holly & Perri)
  • Kathi & Karly Jameson
    • Did not make a pick.
  • Lanise White & Danni McClannahan
    • Leon “Kida” Burns (FLEXED from Bill Delagatto)
  • Donna Doogan (NEW)
    • Jake Monreal (FLEXED from Archibald Coolranch)
  • Tracia & Hillary Matthewson
    • Emma Hellenkamp (CROSS-FLEXED from Thia Tola)
  • Ann & Kylie Dwyar (NEW)
    • Jordan Nata’e Wandick
  • Kendra Ray (MOVED from Purple Team)
    • Daniela Avanzini
  • Holly Everman & Perri Johnson
    • J. T. Church (FLEXED from Tavon Savage)
  • Marti McDaniel (NEW)
    • Ruby Castro
  • Breeanna Sorensen (NEW)
    • Sheaden Gabriel (FLEXED from Clark Jones)

And last but not least, for the first time ever on Vote for the Girls.. The female moderators have always used their flex picks on male contestants on “American Idol” and “The Voice” for the past two years. But starting this season, the male villians will use their flex picks on female contestants, making them a Vote for the Girls pick for villains. Should one of the villains’ VFTG pick become the overall winner, not only will it be the first female victory since Bianca Ryan won AGT in the first season, but also the winning moderator will be a man unless the Moderators’ Save is used. The same Vote for the Girls rules apply. As with on “Dancing with the Stars” the only way a loss can happen on “AGT” is if none of the villains have chosen the winner. But, if the villain’s flex pick and his Vote for the Worst pick are in the Top 2 of AGT, he will get a “Double VFTG Victory.”

Keep in mind that all VFTG picks on AGT are all flexed to a Zinn’s Villain since the female moderators are not allowed to participate on AGT (and the female moderators that would have chosen them as her VFTG pick will be awarded an addition flex pick each).

The AGT picks for Zinn’s Villains are so far:

  • Archibald Coolranch
    • Calysta Bevier (FLEXED from Ava & Kymberly)
    • Dorthy Williams (FLEXED from Thia Tola)
    • Julia Scotti (FLEXED FROM Breeanna Sorensen, CROSS-FLEXED from Phil Allen)
  • Bill Delagatto (NEW)
    • Kadie Lynn Roberson (FLEXED from Donna Doogan, CROSS-FLEXED from Clark Jones)
    • Laura Bretan (FLEXED from Kathi & Karly)
  • Glenn Swaringen
    • Moya Angela (FLEXED from Ava & Kymberly)
  • Tavon Savage (NEW)
    • Ronee Martin (FLEXED from Breeanna Sorensen)
    • Grace Vanderwall (FLEXED from Rachael Passalt)
  • Phil Allen (NEW)
    • Julia Scotti (FLEXED from Breeanna Sorensen, Archibald Coolranch CHALLENGE)
  • Clark Jones
    • Edgar (FLEXED from Holly & Perri)
  • Luka Runecraft
    • Kadan Bart Rockett (FLEXED from Holly & Perri, CROSS-FLEXED from Tavon Savage)
    • Deadly Games (FLEXED from Ann & Kylie)
  • Kye Sanchez (NEW)
    • Sofie Dossi (FLEXED from Thia Tola)
    • Lori Mae Hernandez (FLEXED from Thia Tola, CROSS-FLEXED from Archibald Coolranch)


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