No Make Up Competitions this summer

It is the summer season and time for a break…


Ava has decided to give the entire moderator panel the summer off and as a result of the male and female victories on American Idol 14, The Voice 8, and Dancing with the Stars 20 as well as the victory on Dancing with the Stars 19, none of the moderators face any punishment for failure nor participate in the America’s Got Talent 10 nor So You Think You Can Dance 12 competitions.

But Ava’s not letting the make-up competitions go to wast since Ava’s the one making the rules… She’s letting another team from her other competition (participants of the 23rd season of Santa Ava, which is the Christmas Version of Ava Zinn and one of the longest customer loyalty programs in the United States.) Ava has details at main web site.

As for the moderator panelists’ plans for the summer….

As my reward for DaNica Shirey’s save from the loss on The Voice 7 and Thia Tola’s victory with Sawyer Fredericks on The Voice 8, I’m taking a road trip with my wife Megan to San Francisco and spending a week there and watching my Pittsburgh Pirates play the San Francisco GiantsĀ  while Thia returns the favor (and taking a road trip to Philadelphia) by cheering on the San Francisco Giants play against the Philadelphia Phillies. Also, Thia and I will be going to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on September 20 and November 8 of which the Pittsburgh Steelers respectively host the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders…. GO STEELERS!!!!

For Holly’s reward for Alfonso Ribeiero winning DWTS 19, I’ll be going to Philadelphia to hopefully watch the Indianapolis Colts get beat by the Philadelphia Eagles in their first preseason game. Holly and I have pretty much battle it for VFTG picks from Ohio.

I wonder what the other moderators on the VFTG panel are doing for their reward for success, but I will say that none of the moderators are taking part in the Leg Beards for Breast Cancer nor No Shave November punishment. Ava says the leg beard punishment for as much as two months is a bit extreme.

The questions now are what are the rewards for Team Ava & Kymberly with their American Idol 14 victory of Nick Fradiani, DWTS 20 male victory of Riker Lynch, and The Voice 8 Meghan Linsey; Kendra Ray with her victory of Rumer Willis on DWTS 20; Tracia Ward with her female victory of Jax Cole.

Remember it was a whole different story when Ava and Kathi (Jameson) wore strapless tops/dresses and thong panties while Holly and I had to bind our chests and in the process I looked like a Breast Cancer survivor that had a double mastectomy while Holly (after shaving her head and has since had her hair grown back) appearing more like a female-to-male transsexual (or transman) last year.

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