Pink Team WINS American Idol 14, Maddie & Adanna Eliminated

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It’s deja vu again and things haven’t been been going great for the entire purple team moderator panel since I am the only woman with four transgirls–Ava, Julia, Kendra, and Rhonda. But there is a chance for the Purple Team and Maddie Walker being in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame at the end of the season.

With Sarina-Joi Crowe finishing 12th place and Shannon Bethiaume eliminated in the Top 24, the remaining VFTG picks for Ava and Kendra were Adanna and Maddie, respectively.

After it was announced only the three girls–Jax (Tracia Ward’s pick), Joey (Holly’s pick), and Tyanna (Kellie Rock’s pick)–and the two boys–Nick (now is my pick as a solo moderator since Ava’s pick of Sarina-Joi was eliminated) and Daniel (Thia Tola’s pick) survived the elimination, it is all Pink Team moderators from hereon out. This is the first time in Vote for the Girls history that has happened. What this means now is that these possible scenarios likely to happen:

  1. Girl vs. Girl final (Jax, Joey, and/or Tyanna) or Winner of Idol is Female: According to legend, this American Idol season is supposed to be the end of the Kristy Lee Cook or WGWG curse.Should the American Idol 14 Top 3 be all female–not only will we be celebrating the second Idol victory and the TRIPLE VFTG VICTORY, but either Tracia, Holly, or Kellie will the winning moderator. Also Maddie Walker and Lovey James of American Idol 14, Emily West of America’s Got Talent 9 (reversing that loss) and Audrey Kate Geiger of Rising Star will be inducted in the VFTG Hall of Fame.
  2. Guy (Nick or Daniel) vs. Girl (Jax, Joey, or Tyanna) American Idol 14 finale (DOUBLE VFTG VICTORY): Tracia, Holly, Kellie, Thia, or I will be the winning moderator as early as the Top 5.
  3. Nick and Daniel in the finale: Thia or I will become the winning moderator and it will be the second time a Male VFTG pick will be in the Hall of Fame. In the event Nick Frandiani win, it will be the second Alex & Sierra pick to win since The X Factor 3. In the event Jax is the last woman standing will also get the recipient of the Moderators’ Save and the Pink Team will not face a punishment for failure. The purple team’s only hope right now is that one of their picks on Dancing with the Stars 20 wins.
  4. WORST CASE SCENARIO (four non VFTG Male picks/aka Vote for the Worst picks) wins American Idol 14 and Jax is not the last woman standing on American Idol–The pink team will be forced to participate in So You Think You Can Dance 12 and will take part in the Leg Beards for Breast Cancer punishment in October 2015.

Ava Zinn said of the elimination

“You know, I’d like to begin my remarks by saying this, and I mean this in all due respect; I do the Vote for the Girls web site for a reason and I’ve run this American version of the site for five years now  and I’ve been a webmaster for 16 years, and tonight I saw and heard one of the most disgusting, rudest, sick, demonstrations I’ve seen in my entire webmastering career. Probably the worst elimination, if not personally the f**king five worst I saw in the six seasons of Vote for the Girls. When Maddie (Walker) & Adanna (Duru) got eliminated, I actually looked up into the audience and saw people standing, clapping, and cheering the elimination. And I say this, those are some sick, sick, sick a***holes! sick! I thought it was horrible, disgusting, embarrassing, shameful, it stunk! People are sick when they do something like that; absolutely f**kin’ sick! Girl’s out there busting her ass like all our Vote for the Girls picks were, gets their vocal cords blown up, not badly hopefully, and (the audience of Vote for the Girls) they’re standing and cheering and clapping! Those are sick people! Sick in the head! They oughta get their arses thrown right out of the set!”

Zinn also commented about the Purple Team’s performance

“Well, what happened on American Idol tonight was, Julia, Rhonda, Kendra, Kymberly, and I got our arses kicked. Errr—the Top 12 and Top 11 Redux, we just got our arse totally kicked. We couldn’t do diddly … poo getting votes for Sarina-Joi, Maddie, and Adanna. We couldn’t get a win. We couldn’t dominate against Holly, Kellie, Thia, and Tracia (on the Pink team); we didn’t try our best. This American Idol 14, we sucked. We couldn’t stop Leonard (Lai) nor the Pink team. Every time Joey (Cook), Tyanna (Jones), Jax (Cole), Nick (Fradiani), and Daniel (Seavey); they went down and got votes for the Pink team. The purple team totally got our arse totally kicked on Idol—that’s what it all boiled down to. It was a horseshit American Idol season. Horseshit. I’m totally embarrassed and totally ashamed.

The transgirls and Kymberly did a horrible job. The contestants we supported did a horrible job. We got our ass kicked on American Idol 14.


In the dressing room after the loss, Zinn went off on Kendra and Julia

“The Pink Team’s better than the Purple Team; we’re not f**kin’ good enough. We shouldn’t be thinking about beating the Pink Team; we shouldn’t be talking shit about it, ’cause we ain’t f**kin’ good enough. And fans and reporters out there shouldn’t write about any of us being a winning moderator right now and all that f**ing bullshit. It’s not good enough for me and not good enough for both you to beat those girls on the Pink Team and it was proven out there for American Idol 14. It’s that simple. We’ve got a long way to go; we’ve got a lot of f**king work to do on The Voice 8 and Dancing with the Stars 20; and close don’t mean shit. And you can put that on Facebook for me. I’m tired of coming close, and we f**king need to work and bust our arses off until one of us is the winning moderator.

“Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” is the difference in what I’m talking about! The good female contestants don’t come in and say “Could’ve.” They get it done to make the final and win it for the Vote for the Girls victory! All right? It’s that simple! I’m tired of saying “Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.” That’s why we ain’t good enough yet! ‘Cause we’re saying “Could’ve” and they ain’t!

I’m pissed off right now.

I’m getting the f**k outta here. If we don’t gonna get the victory in these two other competitions–and f**king recover, then we’ll f**king do the make-up competitions until you can’t even suffer. I’m absolutely f**king tired of this shit! I’m f**king seriously tired of a losing moderator record!I’m f**king tired of losing to Holly! I’m f**king tired of losing to Kellie! I’m not here to f**k around in 2015! You two maybe, but I’m not! I will f**king guarantee you that if we don’t f**king win Dancing with the Stars and The Voice this cycle, you’re going to f**king believe the next f**king days! This isn’t why we do sites like (Vote for the Girls) ours! I will NOT get my arse, (to Kendra) your arse, (to Julia) your arse, (to Tricia Rhodes, Rhonda’s widow) your arse, Kym’s arse beat on Dancing with the Stars and The Voice! You three better f**king get that straight right now! That was absolute f**king bullshit! I’m f**ked, (to Julia) you’re f**ked, and (to Tricia) you’re f**ked if you thought that was a f**king picnic! I had to sit around for a f**kin’ year with a losing moderator record and none of you will put me in that position again or you will pay for it like you can’t believe.

Kendra, I applaud you and Iowa to get votes out for Maddie (Walker) and for that you have earned immunity and you will not have to participate in a make-up competition.

For me personally, I’m f**king tired of coulda, woulda, shoulda, coming close, if only.”

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