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Nick Fradiani declared Vote for the Girls pick for American Idol 14

By now you are wondering in your mind going, “Why is it that Vote for the Girls doesn’t pick male contestants, yet decided to allow Alex & Sierra, Bria Riley, and now Nick Fradiani as a Vote for the Girls pick?” And it may sound terrible to you that it is sad that American Idol doesn’t allow duos to audition, but tonight during the auditions, I saw something that reminded me of what I think will be close enough to the “American Idol Alex & Sierra rule.”

For the “American Idol Alex & Sierra rule” to occur, during the audition if a male and female auditioners are present, that will count as such. Clearly after watching Nick and his Girlfriend, Ariana “Yanni G” Gavrillis, both audition, it became clear to the moderator panel that for the first time on American Idol,  a Vote for the Girls pick has a male contestant as Vote for the Girls officially decided to choose Nick & Ariana (if American Idol could allow duos in the competition, but since I make the rules on Vote for the Girls, my decisions are final as the boss)  a Vote for the Girls pick, which is generally deviant from usually voting only for female contestants.

The decision was not generally an easy one based on Alex & Sierra’s audition on The X Factor USA 3 (and if I recall, ironically both Alex and Sierra auditioned for American Idol previously).

So for the first time in Vote for the Girls history, our moderators have more power than ever before. The site earlier allowed Riley Bria as a Vote for the Girls pick last week and that pick is available only for the female moderators since Holly Everman’s pick of Alfonso & Witney won DWTS 19, and now with Nick Fradiani–for the first time one moderator could be the winning moderator if two male Vote for the Girls picks (Riley & Nick) are in the finale, but I still won’t watch such a finale, and end up posting a Classic Vote for the Girls episode in its place.

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