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Kellie Rock’s American Idol 14 Picks: No one saw this coming


As moderators on the Vote for the Girls panel, we get to choose who our picks are.

After the first week of the American Idol 14 auditions, Team Kellie Rock has made her picks, and Ava Zinn has reviewed Riley Bria’s audition. After review, Ava Zinn is allowing the Pink Team (Holly, Lanise, Tracia, and myself–all of them bisexual females) to allow Riley Bria as a Vote for the Girls pick.

So for the first time in Vote for the Girls history a male soloist will be supported on this web site. But the bad news is for the Purple team (Ava & Kymberly, Julia, Kendra, and Rhonda) cannot choose Riley Bria as a Vote for the Girls pick. Kymberly, however, did choose Riley as her Best of Worst Pick, but Ava makes the rules on Vote for the Girls–feel free to slam her, send hate mail, for her decision to allow Riley as a VFTG pick because it is a site that usually encourages you to vote for the female contestants.

Enough of that now, here are my American Idol 14 picks as follows (I haven’t made my Vote for the Worst pick, and that won’t be revealed until after the American Idol finale in May)

  1. Katherine Winston
  2. Maddie Walker
  3. Alexis Gomez (the closest VFTG pick to Indiana, and INNewsCenter pick)
  4. Riley Bria (Vote for the Girls’ first “M2F pick”)
  5. Lovey James
  6. Sarina-Joi Crowe

My Best of Worst is Shannon Berthiaume.

And last but not least, I have chosen a Vote for the Worst pick. You can either wait until the end of the American Idol 14 competition (or find out now to reveal who that is and by doing so, you agree not to disclose such pick until the end of the competition.)

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