Vote for the Girls USA adds Moderator’s Veto


As some of you know this year on Vote for the Girls USA, the site earlier used a new element that has worked on Vote for the Girls Around the World, notably in Sweden, Italy, Brazil, and recently in the United States to reverse a Vote for the Girls loss. That element was first used to veto Valerie Rockey’s runner-up finish on the 11th season finale of So You Think You Can Dance back in September as a #VFTGTwist. The name of the new element the Vote for the Girls moderators have is called the Vote for the Girls “Moderator’s Veto” that can be used to spare any future Vote for the Girls losses, if not minimize them.

Prior to the finale, in which Vote for the Girls still encourages you to vote off all the male contestants before the females regardless in order to get a Victory or get at least one, two (guaranteeing a victory on American Idol and to a lesser extent So You Think You Can Dance), three (guaranteeing a victory on The Voice and X Factor), four (guaranteeing a victory on Rising Star) or even six (guaranteeing a victory on America’s Got Talent) female contestant(s) into the finale, but often the performances by the male counterparts will cause the moderators on the moderator panel to take the Male Moderator’s offer before the results are revealed and/or Ava Zinn, yours truly, to end the competition with a Vote for the Girls “loss” or end the competition if there are no female contestants left in the competition, and discipline the moderator(s) that have chosen the male contestant (which is defined as a Vote for the Worst pick, which Vote for the Girls never reveals until the end of each competition for fairness).

In the event should there be only one female contestant remaining on “American Idol,” “The Voice,” “Rising Star,” or “The X Factor”; and to a lesser extent, “America’s Got Talent” and/or  “So You Think You Can Dance”, the moderators of Vote for the Girls may reverse the Vote for the Girls loss in the event the last female contestant is voted off. The moderator panel–myself, Holly (Everman), Julia (Passalt), Kellie (Rock), Kendra (Ray), and Lanise (White)–must be unanimous in reversing the loss before the winner is revealed.  In the event the Moderators’ Veto is used, however, the moderator panel does not get any wild card picks or steals in the following competition. That element was first used on the Swedish version of Vote for the Girls, known as “Rösta för Flickorna”, to veto the defeat of Ninni Bautista on the only season of “The Voice Svergie” in 2011.

What do you think about the decision to add the Moderator’s veto? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet to us on Twitter @voteforthegirls.

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