The VFTG Moderators WILL use their SAVE for The Voice 7

With only five Vote for the Girls picks we encouaged you to vote for to get a second victory for 2014 and for Vote for the Girls 2015. Only three out of the five Vote for the Girls picks on The Voice (Anita Antionette, DaNica Shirey, and Reagan James) would survive and make the top 10 and sent Jessie Pitts and Sugar Joans home. The Vote for the Girls moderators would face a Punishment for the Loss on The Voice 7 and given the odds stacked 70 percent against Anita, DaNica, and Reagan winning The Voice, speculation was rampant that the newest element called the Moderators’ Veto would be used.

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“We are unanimous. We will without any doubt, will use the veto for The Voice tonight,” Kellie Rock announced. And with the site already declaring a Victory on Dancing with the Stars the night before, Ava Zinn tweeted the following tweets:

Speaking of the Moderators’ Veto and the recent Vote for the Girls victory on Dancing with the Stars, Ava Zinn added five previous Vote for the Girls picks into the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame: The Voice 6’s Christina Grimmie, American Idol 13’s Jena Asciutto (both via Moderators Veto), Rising Star’s Maneepat Molloy (since she won the first season of Thailand’s Got Talent and becomes the first Vote for the Girls import, giving Vote for the Girls a victory via import). Two non-finale participants were added in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame: American Idol 10’s Pia Toscano and American Idol 13’s Jessica Meuse.

VFTG USA’s newest inductees to the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame

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Ava Zinn’s Comment:

Christina Grimmie and Jena Asciutto – “Christina and Jena both came a long way. They might have been the longest Vote for the Girls picks, but I’m happy to say that they’ve become true recording artists after their renditions of Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Mannepat Molloy – No reason was given, though she did win the first season of Thailand’s Got Talent.

Pia Toscano – “In all my years in Vote for the Girls, I have seen comments saying, “I’m done watching American Idol after Pia’s elimination.” In the four years since, the site improved dramatically.  And that is why I am thrilled to finally add Pia in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame and hope that America will soon be voting for her to win “The Voice,” if and when she does audition as a soloist.”

Jessica Meue – Tied with Lauren Alaina as second longest Vote for the Girls pick until being surpassed by Jena Asciutto.

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