Statement regarding Kym Christian incident

Ava Zinn, founder and webmaster of Vote for the Girls, has released this statement regarding Kym Christian:

I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify the events that led to an incident involving Vote for the Girls moderators Kym Christian, Kendra Ray, and former moderator Khayla Chow on October 21, 2014.

Another Vote for the Girls moderator, Julia Passalt and Ms. Ray alerted me to notify that a vehicle belonging to Ms. Chow was in the parking lot. Due to the events that transpired on the weekend of September 26, 2014 that was brought to my attention by another moderator, Tracia Ward, I had taken precautions and arranged for security guards to be on the Vote for the Girls set throughout the month of October.

As per my direction, we went into precautionary lock-down while Ms. Christian, Ms. Ray, and Ms. Passalt approached Ms. Chow and police were notified. I’d like to make it perfectly clear that at no time did Ms. Chow nor Ms. Chow’s accomplice, Victoria Glassering, gain access to the Vote for the Girls set.

No one ever wants to experience a situation such as this of any kind–especially when it involves a dispute caused when male contestants that are bigger threats to the female contestants that Vote for the Girls moderators and supporters are encouraged to vote for. Although, I will admit that I’m incredibly proud of the actions of Julia, Kendra, and Kym for their quick thinking, the following of procedures and ability to remain calm in the situation. I would also like to commend Kym and all families of the Vote for the Girls moderators for their trust and cooperation throughout this stressful time. For the peace of mind and again, as a precautionary measure, Vote for the Girls and the studio currently has security present for the remainder of the 2014 calendar year and the remainder of Vote for the Girls 2015.

At this time, Kym Christian is currently on an indefinite leave of absence following the incident pending an investigation as it was an unfortunate and challenging situation created by Khayla Chow that did result in Kym fatally wounding Khayla and Khayla’s friend, Ms. Glassering, during a gun battle. The primary reason for Kym Christian’s indefinite leave of absence is the fact that the facility is housed in which weapons including, but not limited to handguns, which are not allowed inside the property, which Kym violated by having her car parked on the facility’s parking lot.

The secondary reason for Kym Christain’s indefinite leave of absence was made after conferring with Aeverine Zinn Holdings legal counsel in an effort to objectively made decisions about the future of the Vote for the Girls franchise in the United States and the in other countries. What we have learned through the counsel about Khayla’s behaviour has been sobering. Whether or not Ms. Christian nor Vote for the Girls moderator Holly Everman are aware of this, Khayla Chow has a ten-plus year history of violence (as we saw when Ms. Chow shoved Ms. Everman to the floor following the elimination of Malaya Watson after Ms. Everman called Ms. Chow a bisexual black bimbo that Ms. Chow found offensive, causing the events that transpired on the night of April 10, 2014; Ms. Chow also got into a scuffle on Ey3King’s show after an unknown notable Miley Cyrus fan called Chow a bigoted Lazy Susan), abuse, and harassment of people — mostly white men and black transgender women — and she continued the pattern until Khayla’s death.

We learned the behaviour that Vote for the Girls Moderators on the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia endured had been exhibited as far back as 2003 in Texas with other white men, including a former classmate of Khayla’s she persecuted until her graduation from Westfield High School in Houston. Khayla had a long history of threatening people, including those whom she believes were interfering with her intent at any time. We have found many applications for restraining orders in Texas and Indiana and criminal matters in both states.

We feel deeply for Kym Christian, her husband,  Dan, the situation in which Kym found herself though no fault of her own. It serves no useful purpose to go through Khayla’s legal history, except to say that had Kym not fatally shot Khayla, per Indiana’s Stand Your Ground law, Khayla’s threatening and menacing behaviour would have continued to increased for 11 years. We know from the incident on the afternoon of September 26, 2014 involving Khayla and Ms. Ward while she was still physically at the Vote for the Girls set, that the restraining order in effect was not a deterrent to Ms. Chow.

Ms. Christian feels deeply for Kristina and Charlene Chow, the parents of Khayla Chow, and sent this statement she posted on the Vote for the Girls (USA) Facebook page :

“Dan and I are extremely heartbroken to learn about the tragic event that occurred on the night of October 21, 2014 and so very saddened to learn the news about Khayla Chow. My sympathy goes to Charlene and Kristina Chow, of whom I had met on two occasions when the Denver Broncos were playing the Houston Oilers or Houston Texans. I’m sure that to Khayla’s family, she was a loving, caring person, but that is not what I saw that night. I saw a racist, narcissistic bigot who did not have any regard for the Vote for the Girls moderators. On behalf of Vote for the Girls USA – Official, our hearts go out to their families.”

At the end of the day and after review of the incidents in question, with the interest of the safety of the audience, production, staff, and families of staff from Aeverine Zinn Holdings and the moderators of the Vote for the Girls franchise in mind, by placing Kym Christian on indefinite leave of absence, although it was truly a difficult decision to make for me as the webmaster and administrator of Vote for the Girls USA, it is the appropriate action to take at this time.

Kym Christain has been charged with second degree involuntary manslaughter, which is a Level 5 felony in Indiana, and is currently released on $500,000 bail. If convicted, Kym faces up to six years in prison.

In the meantime, Kym’s mother, Julie Christian, will be filling for Kym as a guest moderator.

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