Holly’s significant change in appearance

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If you thought Ava was auctioning off her virginity as the punishment for the recent loss on The Voice and American Idol — I think this is what I think have fans of this site will be talking about all summer long (as explained in these BitStrips cartoon strips). It’s probably been the loss that Ava took harder than anyone. As with any loss on Vote for the Girls, there is a punishment. So because MK Nobilette finished 10 place on American Idol and Christina Grimmie finished 3rd on The Voice, I decided to shave my head and what really put salt on my wounds and I’m sure I deserved it for boycotting a dickhead named Joshua Kaufman–I don’t give two shits about him.


It’s just so hard to actually taking this punishment for Jena Irene being runner-up on American Idol and Christina Grimmie losing to a male Hoosier that won The Voice (I think there’s a fucking conspiracy why Christina Grimmie finished third)! That’s the only way I can think of a “punishment fitting the crime”. Nonetheless, since I am a woman that had her head shaved, I’ve wondered, “Hmm, what would it be like to live as a guy over the summer?” Since Kathi and Ava are already transitioning and Kellie is a woman in her 50’s, I figured that Kellie and I would bind our breasts.

What is binding, you ask? It is using something – a tight shirt, a specially-fitted garment, or an ace bandage to compress and flatten a woman’s breasts to give her a flat, masculine-appearing chest.

I personally would never transition from female to male since I’m a bisexual woman 34 years of age, and I strongly identify as woman.  I’m pretty sure Ava has seen transmen have disdain or at least discomfort surrounding their breasts. Breasts are a secondary sex characteristic – just like widened hips and menstruation for women (like myself and Kellie) and deeper voice, facial hair, and muscles for men (like Ava and Kathi were until they began transitioning in 2004 and 2008, respectively) – that is developed by your body during puberty to prepare you for child rearing and make you more recognizable as the male or female biology that you were born as.

Because the world can easily recognize and assume that a person with breasts, softer curves and a higher-pitched voice is a woman and a flat chest, a gut, and deep voice is a man, transgender individuals such as Ava Zinn and Kathi Jameson, as well as my niece Tiffani and my late sister-in-law Michelle Steele are often pressured to try and disguise most of these aspects until they are ready for and can afford surgery and/or hormone therapy treatment. One aspect of that disguising is trying to erase the appearance of the transman’s breasts by binding. The end goal is to look simply flat-chested for the transman. In stark contrast for the transwoman two aspects are trying to erase the appearance of her genitals and appearance of a woman, that comes in for testicular binding and breastforms.

Holly after her head shaved and binding breasts (f/BitStrips)

Because it is a Vote for the Girls punishment, I have to bind my breasts every day for the summer. My binding is going to be a shock to some and I will still be identifying as female without question and gender issues. Sure during the summer, my breasts will get extremely tender and sore during my beautiful menstrual cycle. The summer will be as painful since 1992.


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