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VFTG Mailbag (May 2014) – Ava Zinn Virginity Auction as Punishment for Failure

As you know because Jena Irene finished runner-up on American Idol 13 and Christina Grimmie finished third place on The Voice of America 6, in what has to be the biggest shock in the six year history of Vote for the Girls.

There is clearly a strong reaction as many of Ava Zinn’s friends on Facebook as Ava announced on April 18, 2014 that she decided to auction off her virginity (that means Ava Zinn will have sexual intercourse for the final time as a biological male) in the biggest Vote for the Girls Punishments for Failure.

As grisly as any Punishment for Failure when a girl does not win the singing competition, it could have been a Hell of a lot worse as a somewhat unrelated incident some 2,000 miles away near Santa Barbara, California. Will the 2014 Isla Vista Shooting and the Ava Zinn Virginity Auction be connected? Other than than the fact the shooting occurred with 72 hours after Christina Grimmie’s infamous third place finish on The Voice of America, probably not. But it will shed light on future changes on Vote for the Girls. Let’s just say that Ava Zinn has created the term “Internet Trash Television”

Nonetheless, Ava Zinn dug into the mailbag and wanted to share these comments that the friends and fans of the VFTG Moderator Panel are saying about NOT ONLY Christina Grimmie’s third place finish, Jena Irene losing to a criminal, #YesAllWomen (and use #YesAllWomenVFTG on Facebook and Twitter) The following comments are taken from the personal Facebook, Twitter, and comments. Most of them are edited for presentation.


  • Jennifer M.- You get way more into the competition than me. I just enjoy the show. (February 24, 2014)
    • Ava Zinn replied (May 22, 2014) : Jennifer, I think you may have made the right decision to unfriend me over this and you certainly aren’t going to be the f**king last.

      I think I’m probably ending up being the most hated Hoosier since my site Vote for the Girls USA – Official supporte
      d Christina Grimmie (one of the few Hoosiers that supported Christina all the way).

      There was a reason Vote for the Girls take these competitions seriously as you pointed out, and the punishment for failure…. Courtney, I think when you commented on my post back in December:

      “It’s not a “friendly” wager if this is the punishment. Whoever out you up to it should be ashamed of themselves because they are not a good person and not someone you should associate with.”

      Then the announcement on my YouTube channel on April 18, 2014 came and went. As it turns out, Jennifer Morris— you may have been on to something
  • Courtney G. (May 22, 2014 – edited): I do think the VFTG Punishments for Failure are a bit extreme. It’s a silly singing competition! The results don’t matter in the grand scheme of things! Christina still got a record deal, her previous albums are in the top 50 on the iTunes album charts…she is just fine without winning!
    • Ava’s Reply: Certainly you (and Jennifer) are not the only ones that thinks the punishment is too extreme. I know Mandi, Mona, Electa, Alec in particular doesn’t like the punishments this year at all.
  • Electa H. (long-time friend of Ava Zinn) – Anything that devalues a persons worth and dignity is taking it too far for me. Ava, I really hope you seek some further guidance on your recent decisions for such drastic choices over seemingly trivial topics. Very sad you think there could be a price for your body! Please think things through and realize the value of respecting yourself. No one is making you do this, please re-consider.
  • Mandi M. – I think you might want to reconsider this decision. Some things are just too precious to sell. Keep your head up and know that your body, mind, and spirit are precious and only for those who love and appreciate you.
  • Kellie Rock (VFTG Moderator) –It’s such a shame for Ava Zinn to do that. I mean, Holly, you’ve known Ava longer than anyone of her friends have and to say you are not surprised? Holly, out of all people I thought you would be a bit better than that. I would have blame Veronica (Holly’s wife), Mandy (Ava’s ex-girlfriend, deceased) or whomever made that wager with Ava on #virginityauction should be ashamed. If I were Ava’s position, I think Ava should have made a Hell of a better decision that doing this virginity auction over American Idol.
    I mean, I’ve never seen Ava drop that low ever. I mean Ava even told me she’s been through two sexual assaults bot
    h as a male (in July 2002) and as a female (in June 2010). You probably didn’t know both her assailants were both BLACK MEN.
    Holly, that was the reason Khayla (Chow), a Black woman shoved you, a white woman got into that clash a few weeks ago.
    I spoke to Ava in person the night Malaya Watson got eliminated, she has been kinda busy with Vote for the Girls (behind the scenes), yet don’t be surprised if you see Ava on the Vote for the Girls episodes on the YouTube channel in pretty much her dark side (worst case scenario, it’ll be Ava wearing a bra in her 36 AA breasts). She’s pretty much turned VFTG into “The Morton Downey Jr Show” if you remember that particular program back in the day.
  • Kathi Jameson (VFTG Moderator) – To say the least, I am #BAFFLED
  • Alec (long time friend of Ava Zinn) – I agree with Kellie. 100% it would be a shame. We all care about Ava and her well being. Ava, we’re all voting for the girls all the time. Your friends are trying to do everything we can to keep them on the show. Just please think about his decision. You’re a grown woman and we all know that prom night 2001 wasn’t the best night for you. But just step back and try to do what’s right while all of your friends support you and continue to Vote for the Girls.
    • Holly Everman (VFTG Chief Moderator) – Whatever it is, Alec. It sure as hell ain’t working. There were fans of Christina Grimmie and Malaya Watson that had fans outside the United States that were restricted from voting. Our job was try to get more Americans to defeat the white guys with guitars.
  • Jeiann Villanobos: i was not happy for Christina Grimmie as being in the 3rd place. she has a great voice. but still she got my support.
    Hannah Adele Dzuba:· It’s complete and utter bullshit that Christina Grimmie didn’t win the Voice…ugh. She was the best by far.
  • Erica B ‏@Mama2nicoNjoey: #nbcthevoice #NBC #thevoiceisrigged #Grimmieshouldhavewon What are you thinking throwing out iTunes votes? Total joke.
  • John Franchi ‏@Johnny_Franch: Clearly people don’t know good music or else I wouldn’t have had this face #teamgrimmie #grimmieshouldhavewon
  • Sarah Dawn ‏@sarahdawnsharp: What the heck!!!! That was a complete shocker tonight on the voice!! #grimmieshouldhavewon
  • Henry Chang ‏@HenryDChang : #GrimmieForTheWin #grimmieshouldhavewon #christinashouldhavewon #TheVoiceRigged #thevoicebadresult
  • Michelle Zaleski ‏@michellezaleski : Uuuuhhhh, not exactly sure how that just happened. Def thought Christina would win with Jake in 2nd!? #TheVoiceFinale #grimmieshouldhavewon
  • Katie Kojali ‏@KKojali : Recount this is absolutely not fair #grimmieshouldhavewon
  • Lauren Andre ‏@l_a_u_r_e_n13 – I’m just gonna lay in my bed and cry myself to sleep..
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