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VFTG’s 5 Most Robbed Contestants on Idol, X Factor, & The Voice of all-time

PageLines- vftgusa2014.pngIn the five years Vote for the Girls has been online since April 28, 2010, the site has posted voting information for 70 female contestants and six victories of Melanie Amaro, Cassadee Pope, Candice Glover, Danielle Bradbery, Tessanne Chin, and Alex & Sierra. Christina Grimmie and Jena Irene would have made the 7th and 8th victories of the site. We’ve seen a lot of painful eliminations including Pia Toscano, Angie Miller, Judith Hill, etc. This has become an annual tradition (or, in the case of “The Voice,” a biannual one): listing the robbed picks from any given talent show. Not all of Ava’s favourites can make a show’s top 10, and obviously, only one can win for the Vote for the Girls Victory (or the loss). So any singing-show season offers its unfair share of heartache.

It’s both a blessing and a curse with Vote for the Girls in particular that the talent level is so high and the talent pool so deep. This ensures that a lot of very worthy candidates get cut early on, while on other talent shows, they may have gone all the way (with the support of Vote for the Girls). There are definitely some singers since VFTG USA debuted April 28, 2010 that Ava Zinn personally would’ve liked to see go a lot further.

Here’s the Top 5 list of the most-robbed VFTG Picks of all-time (all of them are female contestants and all of them were VFTG Picks) …

5. Jennel Garcia (The X Factor USA 2 – November 15, 2012)


Nobody was shocked more than the moderators of Vote for the Girls were when Demi Lovato’s protégé, Jennel Garcia, was booted off The X Factor on the November 15, 2012 live results show. After a sing-off in which Jennel sang Hoobastank’s “The Reason” against Paige Thomas’s rendition of Coldplay’s “Paradise,” the judges voted to send Jennel home.

Well, some of them did. Britney Spears and L.A. Reid named the singer as their choice for elimination right away, but Simon Cowell tried to get her mentor Demi Lovato to choose between her contestants before he weighed in. After Demi voted to keep Jennel, Simon cast the deciding vote in Paige’s favor.

4. Ellona Santiago (The X Factor USA 3 – December 5, 2013)

VFTG had Ellona pegged to win the entire season. Ava beleives think a lot of people did. But then America had a wussy moment and let Ellona get eliminated in the biggest X Factor eliminations (and eventual VFTG Loss that was reversed after Alex & Sierra won) since Jennel Garcia a year earlier.

Ellona Santiago’s elimination from The X Factor had jaws dropping all around with her mentor Demi Lovato venting her frustration online almost immediately after the December 5 announcement.

“What the f—k?!?!?! She should have won!!!,” Dems tweeted and we have to agree with the sentiment (minus the bad language, of course). There’s a lot of A-list talent left in the competition but after Ellona’s stellar Live Show performances during the December 4 episode, the 17-year-old sweetheart seemed like she was headed for the semifinals.

As is so often the case in music competition reality shows like X Factor, it might have all come down to song choice. Ellona took on two huge numbers last night —  “Applause” by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy.” By doing songs so beloved by viewers at home, Ellona set herself up for some harsh criticism and this time around, it seems she just couldn’t measure up.

3. Angie Miller (American Idol 12 – May 9, 2013)

There is a reason Angie Miller is currently the only non-finale participant in the Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame. She clearly has great recording artist qualities. Ava Zinn heard something in her that was quite special. She had the best potential across any other pick in Vote for the Girls, and in Vote for the Girls, Ava Zinn thinks long term. Ava definitely, definitely made the right choice. This, for a 19-year old recording artist, is a phenomenon. This woman is going to be a big success.

Miller was considered a fan favorite, often placing in the voting’s top ranks and becoming American Idol 12’s sole contestant to not land in the bottom 2 or 3 until her elimination on May 9, 2013. The elimination was described by journalists as “shocking” and “surprising”, to which they attributed competitor Kree Harrison’s victory to support from Vote for the Worst (the rival to this site), voting from Middle America, and pity votes prompted by her homecoming video. Conversely, Kevin Rutherford of Billboard said the singer’s elimination was caused by her inability match the accolades of her “You Set Me Free” performance. Others ascribed her choice to perform Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” abstain from a piano.

2. Pia Toscano (American Idol 10 – April 7, 2011)


After her show-stopping, jaw-dropping performance of “All By Myself,” this little lady with the big pipes was hyped to possibly win this whole competition–or at least make the top five. When she instead went home in NINTH place, it was one of the biggest elimination shockers in “Idol” history, right up there with Angie Miller. Her untimely “Idol” exit was sad proof that sometimes America gets it very, very wrong.

NOTE: The terms PiaRoll’d and PiaRolling have since become terms used on this site.

1. Christina Grimmie (The Voice of America 6 – May 20, 2014)

VFTG had Christina pegged to win the entire season. Ava believes a lot of people did with her huge following on Facebook and Twitter, but America had a wussy moment and let Christina get eliminated in the biggest The Voice of America finishes (and the first VFTG Loss ever on The Voice of America). Christina had big pipes was hyped to possibly win this whole competition–and Vote for the Girls’ fourth consecutive victory. When she finished in third place, it was one of the biggest elimination shockers in the site history, right up there with Angie Miller and Pia Tosacno. When she did not get enough votes landing her in the bottom three with Kristen Merlin and Kat Perkins in the semi-finals and third place finish was sad proof that sometimes America gets it very, very wrong with a bunch of WGWG Commies. Another factor that led to her third place finish was her fan-base outside the United States, which also did not help Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 11.

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