Vote for the Girls Jackpot Scoring changes

Holly here: During the airing of Vote for the Girls’ 2014 Season Premiere, I had watched the episodes on YouTube and Ava made some careless production mistakes with the scoring. So I am posting the adjusted cumlative totals and Ava will address these at the start of Wednesday’s show.

VFTG Episode Team (Category) Act Song Judge’s Decision Switched with… VFTG Result 17.5 22.5 $5,000
Episode 2 Kelly Rowland (Over 25s) Victoria Carriger “Make You Feel My Love” Put in chair 1 17.5 22.5 $5,000
Kristine Mirelle “Oops!… I Did It Again” Put in chair 2 17.5 22.5 $5,000
Jeff Gutt “Amazing Grace” Put in chair 3 17.5 22.5 $5,000
Rachel Potter (WCWC)
Rachel Potter
“Irreplaceable” Put in chair 4 17.5 22.5 $5,000
Lorie Moore “I’ll Make Love to You” Put in chair 2 Kristine Mirelle F Eliminated 17.5 21.5 $5.025
Allison Davis “Tik Tok” Eliminated 17.5 20.5 $5,050
Jeff Brinkman “Without You” Put in chair 1 Victoria Carriger Painful VFTG Elimination 17.5 19.5 $5,150
Denny Smith “In the Midnight Hour” Eliminated 16.5 19.5 $5,160
James Kenney “Lean on Me” Put in chair 1 Jeff Brinkman 15.5 19.5 $5,170
Lillie McCloud
Lillie McCloud
“A House Is Not a Home” Put in chair 2 Lorie Moore F Eliminated 15.5 18.5 $5,195
Unaired Demi Lovato (Girls) Bree Randall “Glad You Came” Put in chair 1 15.5 18.5 $5,195
Khayla Cohen
Khayla Cohen
“Locked Out of Heaven” Put in chair 2 15.5 18.5 $5,195
Jamie Pineda “Don’t Speak” Put in chair 3 15.5 18.5 $5,195
Ashly Williams “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” Put in chair 4 15.5 18.5 $5,195
Eposide 3 Simone Torres “A Change Is Gonna Come” Put in chair 1 Bree Randall 15.5 17.5 $5,320
Danielle Geimer
Danielle Geimer
“Georgia on My Mind” Put in chair 1 Simone Torres 15.5 16.5 $5,445
Rylie Brown “Angels” Eliminated 15.5 15.5 $5,670
Primrose Martin “Blame It on the Boogie” Eliminated 15.5 14.5 $5,795
Rion Thompson (WCWC)
Rion Thompson
“I Won’t Let Go” Put in chair 4 Ashly Williams 15.5 13.5 $5,920
Ellona Santiago
Ellona Santiago
“Clarity” Put in chair 3 Jamie Pineda 15.5 12.5 $6,045

Vote for the Girls apologizes for the error and it is always the goal to get the episodes as quickly and accurate as possible.
Holly (Everman) Willis
Vote for the Girls Chief Moderator

PS: I will be taking paternity leave after The X Factor season finale and hope to return for the American Idol 13 finals as my partner (or wife), Veronica, and I are expecting our first child.

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