Vote for the Girls Loss: American Idol Season 10

It has happened again.   The American Idol season from Hell as the voters spoke that that they have declared Scotty McCrerry (or should I call him “Scrappy McCrabby”) stole the Idol crown from Lauren Alaina.   The season saw the first five contestants eliminated were women that saw Ashton, Karen, Namia, Thia, and Pia. The shocking elimination of Pia Toscano happened on the same day that my mother would have turned 68 that same day and man, was I really pissed and really had one of many meltdowns.   Then the next five eliminated contestants were all men that saw Paul, Stefano, Casey, Jacob, and James, and that did not surprise me at all.   Now the final three of “Scrappy,” Lauren, and Haley.

Painful Vote for the Girls Loss

From (they have really murdered the victories of Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox, and now Lauren Alaina) :

Scotty McCreery just sang his heart out on the last ever Idol performance show. He’s been consistently crappy all season and didn’t grow whatsoever. He must be rewarded for this. Besides, if Scotty wins, he completes the Kristy Lee Cook curse. After our favorite “Eight Days a Week” singer was unfairly voted out in season 7, she cursed American Idol by only allowing white guys with guitars to win the show. First was David Cook. Then, Kris Allen. Last year was Lee DeWyze. All we need now is Scotty McCreery and we spell Kris-ty Lee Cook. Avenge Kristy and vote your tails off for Scotty. (Then again, if Lauren wins, Kristy still gets her vengeance because “Like My Mother Does” is a song from her failed post-Idol album).

I am sorry to say this,, but your G**D***ed m*****f***ng site really screwed up American Idol forever and have successfully committed an act of terrorism.

If your site says “it’s destiny,” your site has done its job.

Well, get ready for “the Gordon Ramsay of American Idol,” Aeverine Zinn (potentially the first transgendred contestant from Marion, Indiana..)


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