The decision to post the voting status on Facebook

The decision to post the “Vote for Crystal Bowersox status” on Facebook was not an easy decision; I wrangled for five days over whether to post the vote message and then deleted the post at 4:00 AM Eastern.

Once I got alerted about the Siobhan Magnus petition and heard about the movement, it was clearly it was one of the baddest moves on American Idol, but there were so many questions. Sure, I could have slapped the status on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, but it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do because there was no worthwhile context. Was it worth posting? I had many, many discussions with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family about that.

A good “Idol’ show plays by the rules. Siobhan did, Aaron didn’t. The degree to which this feeding frenzy detracts from that is extremely very unfortunate.

I spoke to several “special interest groups” about this fiasco. One person said, “I don’t see any reason that this could be considered OK. Clearly, this is a case of incorrect posting. It represents a case of gravely crossing a line between Facebook and Idol; an error in judgment for the Facebook fan page that damages American Idol’s  credibility as well as the show itself’.

By Tuesday, word of the petition being so close to being successful, and the story had been spread throughout American Idol and many of my Facebook friends that are ‘Idol’ fans and Aeverine Nieves (yours truly) felt an obligation to inform all involved.

“Once late (Tuesday) after the beginning of ‘Idol’ I learned that a lot of American Idol viewers say they were either voting for Crystal or stop watching American Idol were taking the matter very seriously and other media giants was taking the matter very seriously, that met the threshold of a very important story in my judgment. Had that not happened the idea might still be in on the dry erase board.

As of Thursday morning, Aaron Kelly, another competitor on American Idol, was eliminated and I was not surprised that he deserved to be eliminated from the competition for stealing Siobhan’s votes. Luckily, I had predicted Siobhan to not make it into the Top 4 and Aaron make it into the Top 6, so in a way, I was not 100% surprised at all..

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