Reaction to Siobahn’s elimination

Well, it has happened again! Just one woman (Crystal Bowersox) left on Idol. Just what in the Sam Hell were the Idol judges thinking when they used their save on Michael Lynche a few weeks ago and not Siboahn Magnus?

Sure, I have said on my Facebook profile and on Sibohan’s web site, as well as signed an online petition (may be unlikely), but I belive there has be more gender equality on “Idol.” Stranger things have happened as I’ve seen on American Idol Rewind afrer season 5 conestant Paris was eliminated and Carrie Underwood wins Idol.

Of course, I’m aware that there has been another season that “American Idol” has become sexist despite all the changes in recent years to eliminate the gender imbalance. I recently did an episode of my animated sitcom (which I have decided to withhold the name for confidentiality) where Idol comes to Indiana, and I may have to do a second episode where American Idol undergoes this format change similar to how contestants are eliminated on “So You Think You Can Dance.” (They always eliminate one guy and one one girl.)

More recently, I have been watching reports on WXIN Indy that there is a movement that they are planning to bring Idol to Indiana for audtions. I may never become a contestant on Idol (not because of my age as y’all may be thinkig) but because of my performance at the 2001 Mississinewa Variety Show when I looked at it back then and seeing it now is a real colossal embarassment. But back to Siboahn’s elimination on Idol, I don’t belive even for one second she should have been eliminated at all.

I’m not looking to say anything to get myself in trouble with anyone involved, but I just don’t see how in the Hell American Idol has been getting away with Mr. Lynche’s violation of his confidentiality agreement and allowed the judges to use their one save.

I’m sorry to say this, American Idol producers, but you made a very bad move.

I gotta say the last three seasons of Idol has got to be the most frustrating ever. I’ve never such outrage like that on Idol ever since I started watching a few years ago.  But hey, the most important thing that matters I’m usually right so so hoping that things will be different for the season nine of American Idol as I ask that Crystal Bowersox wins American Idol.

I hope everyone does votes for Ms. Bowersox I belive she deserves to win American Idol. I really do.

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